10 of TWICE's most replayed parts from their music videos

Twice is one of the most successful girl-groups in the third generation of the K-pop music industry. (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)
Twice is one of the most successful girl-groups in the third generation of the K-pop music industry. (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE, JYP Entertainment's most successful girl-group, finds it easy to garner millions of views and likes in the shortest time possible. The group surpassed more than 2.3 billion streams on Spotify in 2021, making them the first Korean act to do so. Their synchronous choreography and bang-on vocals are no joke.

Every video they come out with makes us swoon and keeps us engaged through the entirety of its length, there are some parts that fans cannot help but return to just to revel in the charms of the members again.

TWICE videos are a class apart. But there are always certain moments that fans love the most, making it an iconic part of the music video. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that these scenes have a fandom of their own.

Take a look at TWICE's most iconic moments in their music videos

1) Yes or Yes


Released in November 2018, the MV has over 359 million views till date. This vibrant music video is based on the concept of a carnival.

The most replayed moment of the video occurs at the 1:42 mark or the chorus where the girls are dancing at a crossroads and cheekily declaring that they have prepared themselves for only two possible responses from their crush: Yes or Yes.

2) Dance the Night Away


This catchy music video shows TWICE members grooving in breezy boho-chic outfits and is bound to make viewers want to take a vacation to the nearest beach with their best friends. Released in July 2018, the video has garnered over 332 million views.

Unsurprisingly, the most replayed moment is at 1:19 where the chorus builds up and the members perform their hook choreography by the sea. This dance move became one of the most iconic parts of K-pop and was replicated by many K-pop idols back then and even today.

3) Fancy


Fans speculate that this music video is based on a 'Dream' concept. TWICE made a comeback with a darker and more mature look for the first time ever with Fancy. The video was an instant hit with over 522 million views since its release in 2019.

The most played moment of the song is the beginning of the chorus at 0:59 seconds. Nayeon begins the chorus with impactful yet easy-to-follow dance moves. The hook choreography for Fancy has become another trend in the K-pop industry and it makes perfect sense as to why people would want to watch the moves again and again.

4) Feel Special


Considered one of TWICE's most elegant music videos, Feel Special shows the ladies looking ethereal in all white outfits followed by expensive and lavish gowns, as they croon about the one who makes them “feel special.” The music video was released in 2019 as part of their eighth mini album of the same name. The video has garnered nearly 428 million views to date.

The most replayed moment of the video occurs at 2:28 when Dahyun makes an entrance in a blue satin dress and raps. Dahyun’s rap is also where the beats change, signifying their dance break.

5) More and More


TWICE's More and More music video is bound to transfer viewers into 'Neverland' as they rock their pixie-like outfits and elegant hair-dos. The music video was released in 2020 and has managed to garner over 313 million views.

The most replayed moment of More and More is at 1:07 when the video introduces the chorus dance with a psychedelic edit of the members. Sana steals attention in the centre as she gently sways to the chorus beats.

6) I Can't Stop Me


TWICE went retro in their 2020 single I Can't Stop Me. The song was an instant hit amongst fans. The video was especially praised for its editing and VFX effects. The start of the video revealed the members from inside a large blooming flower with a galaxy in the background. The scene entranced fans right from the very beginning of the song.

The video has crossed over 453 million views but its most iconic part is at 0:41.

It starts with Jihyo crooning the unforgettable chorus. The scene transitions between the members' dance break and Jihyo stealing the spotlight, looking poignant in a blue gown.

7) Alcohol Free


Alcohol Free was another fun summer single that gave the group a more mature look. The song, a Latin-themed Bossa Nova track, was loved by fans. Released in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, the members took fans on a much-needed vacation right from their homes as they twirled in the most beautiful and lavish outfits.

The most replayed moment was right at the start of the video, at 0:01 seconds, as fans repetitively watched the scene to take in every single member's creatively crafted outfit. The girls looked great in shimmering jewelry paired with dresses made completely out of scarves from luxury brands like Versace, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more.

8) The Feels


TWICE's retro sounding comeback was a total bop. The Feels was also their first English single and was another instant global hit. The prom-themed music video was loved equally by Korean and international ONCEs for its infectiously catchy beats.

The most replayed moment was at 1:07 when the members charmed everyone in cheerleader outfits, giving everyone 'the feels'. The catchy dance hook of the chorus, unsurprisingly, set the internet on fire again, as fans put out a number of Tik-Tok videos trying to recreate it.

9) Scientist


TWICE's Scientist was another creative single from their album The Formula of Love. The members dressed up as scientists working in a laboratory as they talk about the formula of love.

Released in 2021, the video has over 119 million views and the most replayed moment of the video is Mina's catchy one liner,

“Love ain't a science, needs no licence.”

10) What is Love


TWICE's smash-hit music video What is Love has references to a lot of classic romance movies. It is their most viewed music video with over 645 million views on YouTube till date.

The most replayed moment of the video is at 1:45 that starts with the chorus. Sana takes the centre in her glittery dress as the girls perform a choreography that went on to become a cult-favorite amongst K-pop fans.

TWICE has been smashing the charts year after year, raising expectations with every comeback. They never fail to impress fans with their hard work, and their fans make sure to shower equal love by consistently giving them the necessary views and likes.

TWICE will be returning with their fourth Japanese album, Celebrate, on July 27, 2022.

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