3 most trolled Balenciaga items and their prices

Three most trolled Balenciaga items (Image via Twitter/@saysdotcom)
Three most trolled Balenciaga items (Image via Twitter/@saysdotcom)

Balenciaga is regarded as one of the most avant-garde and experimental high-end fashion brands. Over the years, the brand has created a variety of unique designs for footwear, accessories, and clothes. But these fashion products aren't always adored or warmly accepted by their followers; in fact, they frequently receive criticism or are the target of internet trolls.

Due to its proclivity to sell utilitarian items at exorbitant prices, Balenciaga's products have caused controversy on numerous occasions in the past. In 2017, the company unveiled a $2,145 tote bag that bore an uncanny resemblance to Ikea's big, cyan 99-cent shopping bags, which likewise garnered media attention and was once again trolled by the internet.

The luxury brand debuted some odd fashion accessories in 2022 that received a lot of internet teasing for their outrageous price tags, in addition to their odd design and appearance. The top three trolled Balenciaga pieces released earlier this year are listed below, along with a pricing breakdown.

Balenciaga Trash Pouch Bag and 2 other items that were the subject of ridicule on internet

1) Retooled Classic Paris Sneakers

Here's a detailed look at the damaged and worn-out Paris sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here's a detailed look at the damaged and worn-out Paris sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

The fashion label previously released its new model, Paris Sneaker, this season to expand its shoe collection. These shoes were offered in both slip-on mules and high-top trainer styles.

On May 9, 2022, the Balenciaga Paris sneakers were made available worldwide on the company's official e-commerce site. On May 16, 2022, they were made available in the Middle East region, the United States, and Japan.

There were only 100 pairs of the limited-edition Paris High-Top Sneaker Full Destroyed in the black and white color schemes. The price tag on these sneakers was $1850, which in and of itself drew criticism from internet users.

The netizens mocked these heavily distressed and worn-out sneakers. While many mocked Demna by calling him a true visionary, others compared the pair to their mental state. Another user trolled and shared a cheaper method of making these sneakers, which was to buy some local shoes and give them to your pets to chew.

Many internet users also shared photos of their worn-out, distressed, and outdated footwear, claiming that they were cooler than Paris Sneakers.

2) Trash Pouch Bag

Take a closer look at the Trash Pouch Bag (Image via Balenciaga)
Take a closer look at the Trash Pouch Bag (Image via Balenciaga)

Balenciaga was never hesitant to test its limits, but with its recently launched $1,790 Trash Pouch Bag, the provocative luxury label has gone even further.

Following its debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in March this year, the drawstring calfskin bag, aptly dubbed "Trash Pouch," had its formal launch in stores as part of Balenciaga's Fall collection.

The bag bears a strong resemblance to the garbage bag, as already mentioned in the description of the accessory by the fashion label. It was offered in the standard garbage-bag shades of black, white, blue, and yellow, which prompted new round of jeers from the internet, where netizens were once more mocking the high-priced product.

Many users quoted this Trash Pouch as a "morbid social experiment." Some found the idea of these garbage bag-inspired bags "crazy," and many requested Balenciaga to stop designing such fashion products.

One internet user trolled the bag, saying,

“Guess this gives us hope that even when we feel like trash, someone out there thinks of us as high fashion."

Another user termed high fashion a joke and questioned whether this world was real following the bag's release.

3) Shoelace earrings

Take a closer look at the controversial Shoelace Earrings (Image via Balenciaga)
Take a closer look at the controversial Shoelace Earrings (Image via Balenciaga)

High fashion, in particular, has parallels with modern art. And if any company can prove the truthfulness of this assertion, it is Balenciaga. However, their attempts to demonstrate their creativity and experimental spirit have sometimes earned them the ire of the masses.

The shoelace earrings are the brand's newest product, following the introduction of its "Trash Pouch bag" and worn-out "Paris Sneakers." Although the design of these earrings is intriguing, you'll be shocked by their price. You must pay $250 for each pair of shoelace accessories to own them.

Once again, the brand is being trolled heavily by internet users. While some called it foolishness, others were critical of the entire idea and design of the accessory.

One user remarked that the fashion house is running some of the greatest scams in the name of fashion.

In addition to the previously mentioned items, the luxury fashion house was also targeted for other releases, including its collaborative Crocs foam clogs, which were released with a whopping price tag of $950 per pair.

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