4 times BLACKPINK gave Born Pink spoilers

BLACKPINK's Pink Venom released on August 19, 2022. (Image via Twitter/ @BBU_BLACKPINK)

The biggest K-pop girl group in the world, BLACKPINK, released their long-awaited single from their September album Born Pink, titled Pink Venom, on August 19.

Since then, the song has broken several records, becoming the biggest 24-hour debut music video of 2022, and the third-largest 24-hour music video debut of all time on YouTube. Additionally, the single was also the highest-ranked K-pop song on Spotify Top Songs Global Weekly Chart dated August 26 at number two.

With multiple references to the group's past music videos, Pink Venom evokes feelings of power coupled with nostalgia among their fans (BLINKs). The YG Entertainment-led band has been looking forward to showcasing their new music from Born Pink for a long time, making it all the more special.

4 times BLACKPINK spoiled their upcoming Born Pink album and its pre-release track Pink Venom

Due to the long wait after the How You Like That group's last album, there have been several spoilers dropped by the quartet in order to build anticipation for their upcoming music.

To know whether or not fans picked up on the hints that the members gave, check out the four times that BLACKPINK dropped Born Pink spoilers.

1) When Lisa said Rosé was "born to be BLACKPINK" in a V LIVE

The two 1997-born members, Rosé and Lisa held a surprise V LIVE broadcast on July 6, 2022, where they talked about Lisa's love for Stranger Things, cooked some food, and dropped a spoiler for their upcoming album.

The girls were speaking of a conception dream (which is supposed to be a dream that determines who the unborn child will become in the future) that Rosé's mother had featuring two black pigs. Lisa remarked that Rosé was "born to be BLACKPINK," which shocked the Gone singer, who asked Lisa to repeat herself.

Fans only discovered this spoiler after the group's next album name, Born Pink, was released, astonished at having missed a huge hint.

2) When Jennie posted a picture wearing a snake head ornament

Anyone who watches the Pink Venom teaser or the music video will be able to catch references to snakes and, by extension, venom. Perhaps it was BLACKPINK's way of telling the naysayers that their beauty does not diminish their power, because even beautiful pink snakes can be deadly and venomous.

Jennie posted a picture on her social media where she was wearing gold headgear in the shape of a snake. If that wasn't enough, her friend, the Canadian model Tavia Bonetti, also posted a picture on her Instagram story of the Solo singer petting a snake.

When fans realized that the snakes and even the picture of the black cat Jennie posted were referencing Pink Venom, they expressed their surprise at the way the singer always keeps fans on their toes.

3) When Jisoo revealed the opening scene of Pink Venom in 2021

The Pink Venom music video starts with a shot of Jisoo playing the Korean instrument, Geomungo, while dressed in clothes that seem to draw inspiration from the hanbok. It happens to be one of the most iconic and memorable moments from the video.

As it turns out, Jisoo had hinted at the scene in a show titled Show You Like That, which was broadcast to Globe’s Kmmunity PH Facebook Group. Perhaps BLACKPINK was marginally aware of the impact that the opening shot would create because after she dropped the spoiler, Jennie teasingly shushed her.

4) When Lisa spoiled the choreography right before Pink Venom released

The MONEY singer, along with her members, took turns dropping hints about the Pink Venom music video in the song's Countdown Live, that included Jennie's birdcage, Jisoo talking about a VR system, and Rosé saying that the rap verses in the song were well done.

However, Lisa probably gave the biggest spoiler of all when she performed a bit of the song's main choreography with an adorable expression, leading the other BLACKPINK members to comment on her cuteness.

BLACKPINK is not alone when it comes to dropping spoilers of their music. Fellow YG Entertainment solo K-pop artist Jeon So-mi (also called SOMI) accidentally leaked a few seconds of Pink Venom's English version while talking to fans on an Instagram livestream.

The Lovesick Girls group has begun promoting Pink Venom on Korean music shows such as SBS Inkigayo, and fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement.

BLACKPINK's next album Born Pink comes out on September 16, 2022, and has already crossed two million pre-orders as of August 25. The quartet will also embark on a world tour in October 2022.

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