5 best Nike Air Max 90 sneakers of all time

5 best Nike Air Max 90 sneakers of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 best Nike Air Max 90 sneakers of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Nike Air Max 90 serves as the face of one of the most well-known shoe lines in history. In fact, it may be the most important factor in Nike Air Max's success. For more than three decades, the sneaker has surpassed the streetwear culture, evolving from a tech-infused running shoe to one of the most recognizable shoes ever.

Nike Air Max 1 was the predecessor to the legendary Tinker Hatfield-designed shoe, which solidified the Nike Air Max line's status as a line focused on performance as well as a fashionable cultural icon thanks to its recognizable air bubble. The Nike Air Max 90 commemorated the success of its less garish predecessor, much like Jordan III is to the Jordan I. It displayed bold details that did everything it could to bring attention to the fabled air bubble on the shoe's heels.

The sneaker altered how many people thought about running shoes, with a giant air bubble, aggressive styling, a plate bearing the "Nike Air" logo on the heel, and a striking debut color scheme. The sneaker continues to be in high demand decades after it was first introduced and is currently selling more pairs than it did thirty years ago.

The Infrared Air Max 90 and Four Other Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers of all Time

1) Dizzee Rascal' Tongue N Cheek'

Only some people, if any, have ever had the opportunity to work together on this silhouette. One of them had to be a renowned Londoner and founding member of the Grime movement, Dizzie Rascal. One of the cleanest Air Max 90s we've ever seen, the shoe closely mimics human characteristics with its pink "tongue" and chalk uppers. Unfortunately, only 200 pairs of these shoes were ever made, and they were only sold by a very select few stores. If you can locate a pair, be prepared to spend more than $3000 on it.

2) Mixtape B-Side

The B-Side of one of the most underappreciated Air Max 90s from the previous ten years examines the shoe's long-standing relationship with music. Nine components from earlier AM90 iterations have been incorporated into the shoe, which was released in June 2019. The mesh toe box, "Untold Truth" stitching on the heel, and cartridge tape-inspired laces are examples of this. The translucent outsole reveals a track list of some of the details.

These sneakers are available for $170 at select retail sites and the official Nike retail site.

3) Dave's Quality Meats' Bacon'

Color schemes and the history behind them can occasionally come together to make the ideal shoe. A partnership with what many people theorize to be the world's first sneaker store. Owner of Dave's Quality Meats (DQM), David Ortiz, relates how Nike's short turnaround time gave him only a few days to submit the concept. In a hurry, he entered the store and created one of the finest Air Max 90s ever upon seeing the bacon there.

The Nike Air Max 90 introduced more vibrant color and more durable tech to the performance running category, and they were created by the great Tinker Hatfield more than a decade before Dave got his hands on them.

4) Nike x Atmos' Duck Hunter Camo'

Simply put, Atmos has never missed a chance to work with Nike. The 'most urban commemoration of the infrared colorway we've ever seen' was given to us when they received the keys to the well-known silhouette, according to Karim Wazani. The shoe combines elements from all over the world while symbolizing Tokyo street culture. The popular camouflage pattern, made famous by BAPE in Japan, combines with the conventional US-style OG Infrared hits in the usual places.

The first shoe of its kind, the Nike Air Max 90, featured an outer Air unit in the heel. Nike has created a strong legacy for the model since its debut. The suede upper of the Air Max 90 Premium Atmos "Duck Camo" is covered in a Duck Camo pattern, and the toe box and collar have black overlays. A snakeskin Swoosh on the sidewall and Infrared accents on the rubber plugs are additional design elements.

5) Silver Surfer Air Max 90

One of the peak years for the Air Max 90s was 2003. The Escape 2, which was undoubtedly better than the original, and "Silver Surfer," which featured neutral whites, grays, and leather that made them hit a cascade of red and midnight blue pop, are notable releases.

Greyscale elements are accompanied by "Midnight Navy" and deep red tones throughout the upper of the 31-year-old design, with the latter being confined to the profile swooshes of the Marvel-inspired Nike Air Max of the past. The tongue label chooses a navy color that fits in with its surroundings rather than the possible muse's vivid blue for branding. The insoles have the golden "NIKE AIR" branding instead of the Silver Surfer illustration. Under the soles, Visible Airbags pay homage to the color blocking from 17 years ago while incorporating distinctive scarlet flair.

Best Nike Air Max 90 Shoes 2022

1) Nike Air Max 90 White

This variation of the Air Max 90 will quickly become a staple of your wardrobe thanks to its straightforward design and versatile appearance. The white Nike Air Max 90 is a timeless shoe that has withstood the test of time, maintaining the recognizable waffle sole and providing exceptional comfort thanks to Max Air cushioning. These sneakers are available for $130 at the official Nike site.

2) Nike Air Max Terrascape 90

If you're looking for shoes that offer a unique perspective on the classic design, these shoes are a great choice because they have a slightly modified design to give them a modern twist.

They have a new Terrascape logo, webbing pull tabs that serve as clipping points, and a crater foam midsole for added stability. Several colours are available; the ones shown above are Summit White, Pure Platinum, Wolf Grey, and Red Clay. You can get them on the official site of Nike for $140.

3) Nike Air Max 90 Ridgerock / Turbo Green

The Nike Air Max 90 in Ridgerock, Turbo Green, Saturn Gold, and Black have a distinctive appearance that is challenging to duplicate. The colourful suede accents, stitched overlays, and foam midsole on these striking Nike Air Max 90s will make you stand out.

Of course, the cushioning and design that made the Air Max 90 a classic are also present in these shoes. These sneakers are available for $140 at the official Nike site.

These are some of the top Nike Air Max 90 sneakers that have become a personal favorite of every sneakerhead. So let us know in the comment section which Nike Air Max 90 is your favorite.

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