5 best Off-White sneakers of all time

Best Off-white sneakers of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Off-White sneakers of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

Off-White, the avante-garde brand, was founded by the late American designer Virgil Abloh. The brand has become synonymous with iconic graphics, zip ties, and quotation marks, making it highly sought-after for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate bold and eccentric designs.

Since its 2012 debut into the fashion industry, the brand has collaborated with other notable brands like Nike, Levi, Rimowa, Jimmy Choo, Ikea, Moncler, and a host of others, establishing itself as an international player in the streetwear fashion scene.

The brand's dedication to offering quality and stylish sneakers is reflected in its impressive range of sneaker collections. From the trend-setting "Jordan 1 retro high Off-White University blue" to its groundbreaking "Off-White Nike Air Max,” it is no longer news that Off-White has not only garnered a massive following but has revolutionized the world of sneakers.

Best Off-white sneakers ever released

1. Off-White Nike Air Presto 'The Ten'

The Off-White Nike Air Presto 'The Ten' (Image via Nike)
The Off-White Nike Air Presto 'The Ten' (Image via Nike)

In 2017, Off-white and Nike collaborated to release these sneakers, popularly regarded as one of Abloh's iconic designs from the "Ten" collection. These shoes are dressed in an all-black hue, accented by white detailings strategically placed on the sole, the waist and the brand logo.

The deconstructed and unfinished design of these kicks makes them stand out from other sneakers. These shoes sell for 160 US dollars on the Stock X online store.

2. The "Kick-off" sneakers

The "Kick-off" sneakers (Image via Stock X)

These sneakers are inspired by high fashion and streetwear elements, giving a bold and interesting look to this silhouette.

They are dressed in a predominant dull-white hue, laying the foundation for the greyish, orange, black, and red detailing to stand out, also portraying the brand's innovative nature. The leather and suede material combo creates visual interest and also ensures durability. Since the sneakers were built for running, they feature a rubber outsole for more stability.

These shoes are priced at 483 US dollars on the brand's official website.

3. The "Odsy 1000" sneakers

The "Odsy 1000" sneakers (Image via Offwhite)

These chic sneakers feature white, grey, and black hues accented by touches of blue to create a colorful contrast and enhance the shoes' pleasing visual aesthetics.

The brand's attention to detail can be seen in the arrow design on the side, the green label details, and the tonal lace-up closure, while the multidirectional lugged outsole provides excellent grip and traction.

These sneakers sell for 581 US dollars on Off-White's official website.

4. The “Out of office” sneakers

The “Out of office” sneakers (Image via Offwhite)
The “Out of office” sneakers (Image via Offwhite)

These stylish sneakers come in a sleek and streamlined design, embodying contemporary elements in a more refined style. They are dressed in brilliant white and blue color schemes, making them aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

These shoes are made for comfort, with the cushioned midsole, padded tongue, collar, and white laces enhancing adjustable fit and complementing the overall colorway of the sneakers.

The branding details are visible, with the arrow on the side and the insole. The icing on the cake is the tonal rubber outsole that aids stability.

This footwear is priced at 468 US dollars on the brand's official website.

5. Glove slip-on sneakers

The Glove slip-on sneakers (Image via Offwhite)
The Glove slip-on sneakers (Image via Offwhite)

These sneakers are highly appreciated for their distinctive designs that seamlessly blend sportswear and high fashion elements.

These shoes are dressed in an all-black color, making them versatile options for matching with different outfits. The breathable mesh and leather materials ensure durability, elasticity, and airflow. Additionally, these slip-ons feature an adjustment strap that allows for customized fit, while the chunky outsole provides excellent grip and traction.

The popular brand's logo is embossed on the tongue in black and white, adding a sophisticated flair to the sneakers.

These sneakers sell for 925 US dollars on the Off-White official website.

Off-White sneakers are trendy and eye-catching. The shoes are a perfect fusion of fashion and function without compromising quality and excellent craftsmanship. You can grab a pair on their official website before they get sold out.