5 of the world's biggest brands BTS has successfully partnered with: Disney+, Louis Vuitton, and more

BTS for Louis Vuitton (Image via Louis Vuitton)
BTS for Louis Vuitton (Image via Louis Vuitton)

BTS's brand value is impressive, and its popularity, fanbase, and success are some of the reasons contributing to its rising fame. The hitmakers and Grammy-nominated artists are worth almost $3.5 billion to the South Korean economy. Hence, there's no doubt that some of the biggest companies also approach them to endorse their products.

The combination of two successful brands and groups undoubtedly yields the best results. The same happened with the global boy group and their collaboration with five of the world's biggest brands.

From a 12 percent rise in visits to McDonald's to the transformation of iPhone users to Samsung because of their deal with the brand, it's clear that the sensational pop band is more than just a bunch of promising musicians who sell millions.

Here are five of the world's biggest brands the K-pop group has successfully partnered with.

Impressive brand value of BTS results in collaboration with McDonald's and 4 of the world's other most valuable brands

1) Louis Vuitton - Global ambassadors

In April 2021, the mega-group shook hands with the biggest luxury fashion brand in the world (by valuation), Louis Vuitton. The aftereffects of the collaboration have been stunning.

The seven-member group also made its runway debut by donning monogrammed pieces from the luxury brand after the deal.

It was reported that after weeks of announcing the band as its ambassador, the CEO of LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton, became the wealthiest man in the world in August 2021. As a result, his fortune surged from $76 billion in March 2020 to $186.3 billion.

More than that, the sweater BTS' Jimin wore during the 'Men's Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show' soon sold out. The clothing piece cost $770 (approximately 1 million won). But it sold out in different parts of the world, proving the band's selling power.

2) Coca-Cola - Brand ambassadors


The American multinational beverage company hopped on the K-pop scene by collaborating with the Butter crooners in 2018. The BigHit boy group was signed for Coca-Cola's 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia campaign. Two months later, the brand released a special edition of Coca-Cola cans and bottles featuring the members, which was an immediate success in the global market.

Three years later, the beverage mogul released a commercial titled Turn Up Your Rythym on their YouTube channel. It showed people from across the globe enjoying Coca-Cola while grooving to the band's vocal line—Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook—singing in the background.

3) Samsung - Brand ambassadors

In 2020, the septet partnered with Samsung Electronics to endorse and release the limited edition BTS-themed versions of the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+. The South Korean conglomerate also allowed Galaxy phone users with an AR (Augmented Reality) service to experience the group's contemporary art initiative, Connect BTS.

Since 2020, the Mic Drop group has been regularly promoting Samsung products, bringing huge benefits to the company.

In 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS edition sold out in one hour. Meanwhile, in 2021, as per the brand, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 phones pre-order sales outran all total sales for Galaxy devices to date in 2021. BTS' brand value is undoubtedly staggering.

4) McDonald's - The BTS meal

McDonald's struck a deal with the band in 2021 to launch the BTS meal in 50 countries worldwide as part of their star-themed campaign concept. However, the meal turned out to be their best, with the restaurant's sales rising by 40 percent.

The meal contained 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke, and two sauces—sweet chili and cajun sauce—inspired by the kitchens of South Korean McDonald's.

The meal created a frenzy way before it got released on May 26, 2021. In Indonesia, McDonald's stores were forced to close due to the inrush of customers and to avoid COVID-19 regulations. Whereas in Mexico, fans waited for more than two hours in line to get the special meal, causing the stores to run out of the meal within a few hours of launch.

5) Disney+

The latest addition to BTS' glorious list of endorsements and deals is Disney+. The entertainment conglomerate has inked a deal with HYBE to release five content titles that will be released next year. This will include documentary film series and concert films featuring the Dynamite singers.

Although the Disney+ content is still in production, the collaboration will definitely be a success for both parties, considering the K-pop band's impressive brand value.

Disney+ is already catering to the APAC audience with original K-dramas like Soundtrack#1, Rookie Cops, and more. The platform is currently airing IN THE SOOP: Friendcation featuring Taehyung.

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Edited by Piyush Bisht