5 chaotic moments from BTS' V's gaming livestream: Woong's antics, abrupt ending, and more

A few stills from the gaming Weverse Live with BTS
A few stills from the gaming Weverse Live with BTS' V. (Images via Twitter/ @Bts_loveJKJM)

No one quite does a livestream like BTS' V. After a quick five-minute live broadcast on Weverse on November 13, 2022, Kim Tae-hyung replied to a fan on the same application, promising to devote more time the next day.

The BTS vocalist kept his promise and spent an hour playing games with ARMYs on November 14, 2022, laughing at fans' antics, pouting when he lost, and overall exuding a wholesome vibe.

BTS' V attracted over 6.5 million viewers around the world on the livestream, with interpreters working hard on Twitter to provide quick and accurate English translations for fans who don't speak Korean.

Five moments from BTS' V's gaming livestream that will make fans smile

1) Fans halting at the finish line and pushing V ahead so he could win

Kim Tae-hyung started his gaming livestream by playing Fall Guys, a game where up to 60 players can compete together in a series of randomly selected games to eventually be crowned the ultimate winner.

After rushing through the first Wipeout-style hurdle, a group of fans reached the end. However, they halted right before the finish line, not wanting to cross before BTS' V. Eventually, the 26-year-old singer joined them, stopping with scores of fans. The ARMYs, impatient after waiting, pushed V towards the finish line, making him the winner of the game as he giggled at their antics.

Viewers of the incident found it adorable, with some calling it the definition of 'true love.'

2) BTS' lucky charm, "Yoongi Marry Me," grabs V's attention

One constant feature of BTS' livestreams is the omnipresence of the line,

"Yoongi, marry me!"

Whether or not SUGA (Min Yoon-gi) is present in the broadcast, fans bring up their wish to marry him. The expression has now become a running joke among the Dynamite group, with members, especially V, reading out these comments to trigger laughter from others.

When BTS' V noticed one of the players with the username "Min Yoon-gi Marry Me" while playing Fall Guys, he decided to keep an eye on them. He also noted when the player got eliminated, making fans chuckle at his shenanigans.

3) BTS' V reacting to fans' voices with surprise and mirth

After Fall Guys, V started another game called Goose Goose Duck. Similar to the wildly popular Among Us that tided many through lockdowns, certain imposter birds, pretending to be geese, must be eliminated from the game before they begin their killing spree.

Throughout the game, discussions between players could take place if they unmuted themselves and spoke. Unaware of this fact, BTS' V heard voices during the game. Once he realized that it was the fans interacting among themselves, he suddenly found the situation hilarious.

4) WOONG eliminating everyone except V, then touching beaks with him

In the aforementioned Goose Goose Duck game, V's character stood close to a gamer with the username WOONG. Completely defeating the game's purpose, the player decided to make the most of the opportunity to be close to BTS' V, albeit in a virtual setting.

As an imposter/criminal in the game, WOONG had the ability to wipe out the players trying to look for them. In a series of comical moments, the user stood close to Kim Tae-hyung's character and eliminated anyone who tried to enter the room. At one point, WOONG's character joined beaks with V's virtual self.

While these antics caused a great deal of frustration to the real-life V, fans on Twitter were amused by WOONG, who has become a legend among ARMYs.

5) The sudden ending of the livestream after several "last" games

BTS' V was having a lot of fun playing games with fans, making it difficult to conclude the livestream. Like band-mate Jung Kook, who would say "one last song" ten times before ending his live karaoke sessions, V managed to stretch out a few "last" games before switching off the broadcast.

Concluding the session by telling fans they did well, and a series of adorable salutes, Tae-hyung's livestream eventually ended abruptly while he was still talking, leaving fans with a warm feeling in their hearts.

While Jung Kook departed for his appearance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar earlier in the day, BTS' V, too, left Incheon Airport for an undisclosed overseas schedule on November 15, 2022.

Among the other members, leader RM is set to release his solo album, Indigo, on December 2, 2022, with pre-orders already open for fans. He will be the third BTS member after Jin and j-hope to release a solo album as part of the band's second chapter.

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