5 Most expensive Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers of all time

5 most expensive Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers of all time
5 most expensive Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Air Jordan "Bred" series, known for its unique black and red color scheme, is both a line of high-performance shoes and a legacy deeply connected to Michael Jordan's legendary basketball career. Though these were first made for sports, these sneakers turned out to be an investment for life.

On the resale market, they often fetch crazy high prices. People are interested in the "Bred" versions as they look good and are linked to important events in sports history. Also, they are hard to find and have stories attached to them, such as the NBA's ban for violating uniform policy and controversial moments.

Over time, many "Bred" models have become very valuable and are now highly sought-after collectibles in the sneaker culture. Here are the most expensive Air Jordan "Bred" shoes, you can see the strong link between collectors' unwavering devotion, cultural significance, and athletic excellence.

Most Expensive Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers every sneaker lover should know about:

1) Air Jordan 13 "Bred" sneakers

This Air Jordan 13 Black red sneakers became a coveted piece among sneaker lovers with a whopping $2.2 million auction price. This specific iteration, donning the attire of Michael Jordan himself during the 1998 NBA Finals, bears the significance of his enduring legacy, signifying the pinnacle of his sixth and ultimate championship triumph with the Chicago Bulls.

The historical significance of the sneaker, in addition to its reflective 3M upper and iconic panther paw-like outsole, has rendered it the most expensive Air Jordan "Bred" ever sold. The price of this item not only signifies its rarity but also embodies the indelible impact MJ had on the sport and culture of basketball, as well as the unparalleled legacy of his career.

2) 1985 Air Jordan 1 Bred

An icon of both basketball and sneakers, the 1985 Air Jordan 1 Bred embodies the course of time. It initiated an unparalleled paradigm shift in the domain of athletic footwear as the inaugural iteration of the Air Jordan series.

The sneaker's design featured a striking black and red color scheme, which was notoriously forbidden by the NBA. This ruling only served to elevate the sneaker's status and appeal. The average resale value of the item was $17,000 with a lasting appeal and a substantial impact on the sneaker industry.

3) Air Jordan 4 Bred 1989

The Air Jordan 4 "Bred" made its debut in 1989, and attracted extensive acclaim due to its groundbreaking design and substantial impact on Jordan's athletic legacy. Although precise auction prices for the most expensive sales are not known, collectors are well aware of the model's high demand.

By virtue of its durable construction, mesh netting, and Flight logo, the "Bred" colorway of this sneaker has come to represent durability and effectiveness. Its increasing value on the collectors market boosted its popularity and the pairs were sold at more than $30,000.

4) "Bred" Air Jordan 11 (1996)

The Air Jordan 11 "Bred" embodies sophistication and functionality, constituting a sneaker design masterpiece. The patent leather design of the sneaker was unprecedented among performance basketball shoes; it provided an appearance that was equally appropriate for formal events and athletic use.

Although precise auction prices for the highest sales remain uncertain, collectors are intensely interested in the "Bred" 11s due to their aesthetic appeal, performance lineage, and affiliation with one of the most remarkable seasons in NBA history. The auction concluded at $17,126 for the '96 Finals game-worn Air Jordan 11.

5) The Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"

The famous Jordan 12 "Bred" shoes that he wore in the "Flu Game" of the 1997 NBA Finals are a part of the most appreciable part of athletic history. The strong leather upper and unique two-tone color blocking on this model made it the perfect mix of style and function. The auction price of these Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers was $104,000, reconfirming its contribution to the culture and history.

The Air Jordan "Bred" sneakers, carrying the highest price tag, transcend their status as mere footwear and represent Michael Jordan's unwavering determination and the worldwide sneaker-collecting phenomenon. These sneakers are historical artifacts. Every individual Air Jordan "Bred" pair, starting from the revolutionary Air Jordan 1 and culminating in the unprecedented Air Jordan 13, represents a narrative of success, ingenuity, and an unwavering quest for excellence.

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