5 fun and easy nail art ideas for Halloween 2022

5 fun and easy nail art ideas for Halloween 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 fun and easy nail art ideas for Halloween 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Falling on October 31 of this year, Halloween 2022 is just a few weeks away. However, besides the spooky stories and collecting treats, this occasion also serves as an appropriate time to ditch one's normal esthetics for a bolder and gothic version of themselves. However, one of the main components of dressing up for this holiday is to opt for Halloween-themed nail art.

Interested individuals can choose anything from cute ghosts to deadly skulls to decorate their nails, aside from picking traditional black and orange or exquisite neon shades. There are endless possibilities for one to play around with, as they can also match their nails to their costumes and show up to the parties dressed from head to toe.

One can even ask their nail artists to paint their favorite horror characters. However, if someone isn't going to a salon and wants to try something fun at home, listed below are five recommendations that one can easily do at home.

Top 5 Halloween-themed DIY Nail Art that will make you the life of the party

1) Scream movie-themed nail art for all the fans


As mentioned above, the designs can differ according to one's tastes in the movies, so here's an easy tutorial for all the Nightmare Before Christmas movie fans. The steps to create this nail art is easy - one just needs basic nail colors, i.e., black, white, green, yellow, and red.

Whereas the pinkie finger must feature a psychedelic pattern drawn over glittery nail paint, the ring finger should have a black base over which a ghost is drawn in neon green color. The middle finger must have multiple hues in a color-blocked pattern and a black barbed wire drawn from black paint to mark the difference between the different colors. Lastly, the index finger should have a classic black and white pattern with a ghost smiley face drawn with a black hue over a white base coat.

2) The classic Pumpkin nails

Halloween's favorite fruit, Pumpkin, can add the perfect spooky esthetics on someone's nails for the occasion. This simple nail art is also one of the best combinations for Halloween, as it comprises of black, white, and orange hues. The base coat of the nails is a nude pink. The tips are then painted with glittery orange nail paint.

If one doesn't have glittery orange nail paint, they can simply use an orange nail color and coat it with a transparent glitter coat. The orange nail paint is then coated with vertical curved black lines, giving it a pumpkin look. Small patterns of black color are splattered to add a flair to the design.

3) Spider for the evening

Many think that spiders are the spookiest arachnid to ever be present, which is why many dress as spiders for the evening. Moreover, this nail art can match one's costume, and make them look super cute. To paint this design, the nails are coated with transparent nail paint as a base, and a white hue is added to the french tip design.

Then, using a small pointed brush and black nailpaint, one needs to make pointed strokes in the shape of a spider (four big strokes and multiple small ones). In the center of each spider, a stick-on embellishment is added to give nails a cute esthetic. The stick-on embellishment is optional and depends on availability.

4) A merge of cute and spooky with ghostly french tips

It will be hard for people to ever get bored of the french tip trend. However, they can easily turn those french tips into something cute, spooky, and halloween-y. For the above-seen nail art, one needs to use pink nailpaint as the base. Over the pink nail paint, they can use a small brush to make random ghost shapes, which are inspired by the cute snapchat logo.

After adding a few white ghosts over the pink base, all that's left to do is take black nail paint and give these ghosts small black eyes, goofy smiles, and scary eyes.

5) A bone for the spooky Halloween evening

Skeletons and bones are mandatory props for Halloween. Not only are there multiple costumes with the same designs, but most houses use these skeletons and bones as their home decor. So, why not apply the same over the nails?

This nail art uses black nail paint as the base, after which they can take a small pointed brush to outline bony shapes in a vertical line between the nails. Bones can be of any shape or size according to one's personal preference. Interestingly, the bones used for Halloween are largely inspired by dog bones and are painted in white to create a striking contrast with a black background. Therefore, one can take inspiration from the same if they ever run out of ideas.

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