5 iconic ENHYPEN Jay moments from I-LAND

Jay debuted with the rest of ENHYPEN after competing on I-LAND. (Image via BELIFT LAB)
Jay debuted with the rest of ENHYPEN after competing on I-LAND. (Image via BELIFT LAB)

ENHYPEN was formed after fierce competition between twenty trainees from around the world in the idol survival show, I-LAND. The show, where the current 7 members were tested on multiple fronts, had its fair share of joyful and bittersweet moments.

Jay proved himself to be someone to take note of during his time on the show. He cemented his position as a frontrunner right from his debut performance in I-LAND, which was a duet with his future bandmate, Sunghoon. He was constantly among the top performers on I-LAND, and easily made his way into the debut lineup of ENHYPEN.

The show may have ended in 2020, but the memories and highlights remain fresh in the minds of fans of ENHYPEN.

Five iconic moments of ENHYPEN Jay from I-LAND

On I-LAND, Jay stood out not only because of his incredible talent, but also because of his spot-on comic timing and deep emotional connection with a few of the other trainees. Here are the top five iconic ENHYPEN Jay moments from I-LAND.

1) Resentment. Anger. Shame.

After being rejected multiple times for the parts that he wanted in performances, Jay described himself as being filled with "resentment, anger, and shame" in an interview segment. He showed his vulnerability to the audience when he expressed his true emotions instead of putting on an act.

However, the phrase has wormed its way into becoming his slogan. He even incorporated it in his official greeting to the producers, making everyone laugh.

2) The time Jay cried like the lead in a K-drama

Jay was always among the top contenders in the show. He was in danger of getting eliminated in just one challenge when he ended up on the Ground team. In the next episode, however, he was chosen as one of the members who would be allowed to move back to the I-Land team.

Before the announcement, he had told the other members not to cry when they were called to the I-Land team. However, nobody could hold in their tears afterwards. Jay also cried his heart out, holding his face. In the moment, it was highly sentimental, but Jay's sudden burst of emotions went on to become a meme that will never die.

3) The time Jay's mom was hilarious

The I-LAND trainees who placed in the top three got a special chance to talk to their loved ones. One time when Jay placed third, he decided to talk to his mother who was surprised when he called. Her first reaction was to ask Jay if he had been eliminated from the show, which made viewers of the show burst out laughing.

After assuring her that he had not, in fact, lost his place in the show, he still could not catch a break. She said that he should try to be more consistent in his performance and avoid more embarrassing moments because he already had too many.

Jay was happy to talk to his mother, despite the hilarity that ensued.

4) The time Jay performed V's part in the unit performance of BTS' DNA


Jay's ability to ace any concept given to him was in full display during the unit performance of DNA. He successfully executed V's part in DNA to the best of his ability, focusing on the expressions and tone of voice.

The dance duet while switching between Jay's part and Hanbin's was a highlight, as was the chorus. This performance shows why Jay was praised by the producers for his immense potential, and why he is an integral part of ENHYPEN.

5) The time BTS' Jungkook answered Jay's question in a memorable way

BTS' time at I-LAND gave the trainees an insight into how teamwork affects the way a group functions, and what they should expect after debuting. In one segment of the episode, the Dynamite group answered questions put forward by the different trainees.

J-Hope picked out Jay's name and read out the question, which happened to ask the superstars how to be less embarrassing. Without missing a beat, Jungkook quipped that this situation will also enter his list of embarrassing moments. Everyone burst into peals of laughter.

On April 20, 2022, Jay celebrated his twentieth birthday by going live on the VLive application. Looking back on his moments from I-LAND, one realizes how far he has come. From a teenage boy unsure of his talent to a confident young man, he is a memorable figure in the ENHYPEN comebacks.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee