Top 5 Marvel fight scenes of all time

Fight Scene in MCU (Image via
Fight Scene in MCU (Image via
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Marvel movies have spent more than two decades altering the summer movie landscape with their own take on action-packed comic book flicks, ever since Blade debuted in theaters in the summer of 1998.

Marvel managed to level-up the action movie genre as well, thanks to the MCU's rich pool of characters, with 2008's Iron Man beginning the Marvel Cinematic Universe under the leadership of super-producer Kevin Feige.


For the first time, Marvel had complete control over the film slate; they no longer had to watch while companies that licensed characters like X-Men and Spider-Man did whatever they wanted with important IP.

Feige's MCU fine-tuned their strategy by delivering a trademark blend of character-driven thrills and big-budget action that has once again changed Hollywood history.

In honor of Marvel's 24th year of providing action-packed blockbusters to its devoted fanbase, we've compiled a list of the best action scenes ever seen in a Marvel film, both outside and inside the MCU.

5 Marvel fight scenes that you shouldn't miss

5) In 'Deadpool 2,' Deadpool and Cable's truck chase

The mission for this sequel appears to be "bigger and louder," and no action sequence exemplifies this more than Deadpool 2's endlessly creative truck brawl between our titular hero and his time-traveling foe, Cable (Josh Brolin).

Here, firearms, John Wick-level battle choreography (courtesy to Wick and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch), crashing vehicles, flipping trucks, and the Juggernaut all come together to create a fist-pumping set piece.

While the CG elements aren't exactly photo-realistic or flawless, the ideas are more than enough to compensate.

4) In 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' the Hulkbuster Armor Fight

Avengers: Age of Ultron is an imperfect yet ambitious sequel that escalates the stakes while making the Avengers' fight more personal and agonizing. Midway through the film, Tony is forced to summon the popular Hulkbuster armor from a Stark Industries satellite in order to imprison, and eventually combat, a renegade Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).


Fans of Marvel comics have been waiting to see Hulkbuster's armor in action, and Age of Ultron has not disappointed. (The armor would eventually appear in Avengers: Infinity War and serve an important role.)

3) 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier's' Elevator Fight


Directors Joe and Anthony Russo crafted a blockbuster action film that exceeded all expectations, thanks in large part to this elevator brawl. This fight sequence is especially memorable since it features a heated clash between Cap (Chris Evans) and a group of HYDRA soldiers acting as SHIELD.

Before making them wish they had left the car, Cap gave them a minute to think about it.

This elevator scenario spawned a flood of hilarious memes focusing on Captain America and his foes. Captain America was up against nearly a dozen soldiers, and he was able to take them all out on his own.

It was one of the most memorable battle scenes in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

2) 'Captain America: Civil War' Airport Fight

Tony Stark leads War Machine (Don Cheadle), Peter Parker, and others against Steve Rogers, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in this show-stopping set piece based on a Marvel Comics splash page.


Each side uses more imaginative ways to punch, fly, blast, and swing to express their opposing viewpoints on the Sokovia Accords, ending in one of cinema's most remarkable and game-changing accomplishments.

1) The Final Battle in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

The final act of Avengers: Endgame makes a solid case that cinema is far from dead, since it is full of moments that make you love movies.

The fight sequence is truly jaw-dropping, massive in scope and full of fist-pumping moments and character team-ups that will make you clap. Almost every important Avenger is given exactly the amount of whatever they require to bring the film to a triumphant (and tragic) conclusion.

It's packed with detail and features one of the best shots in the MCU — a splash-panel worthy spread that brings together every Avenger as they dash into battle against Thanos' evil forces.

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