5 memorable Taekook moments that show off BTS’ V and Jung Kook’s close bond

Taekook selca taken backstage (Image via Instagram/thv)
Taekook selca taken backstage (Image via Instagram/thv)

Taekook is a name derived from the amalgamation of the real names of two BTS members, Kim Tae-hyung, better known as V, and Jeon Jung-kook, known mononymously as Jung Kook.

Being the two youngest members of the group, V and Jung Kook have developed a close bond, akin to partners in crime. Due to this, they always end up being paired, including getting scolded together even if one of them is not at fault.

This happened in an episode of the Burn The Stage documentary, where V was being educated about an issue and Jung Kook also ended up being dragged into it even though the matter didn’t concern him.

So when, in the recent RUN BTS dance practice video, the duo had a cute missed high-five moment together, fans did not miss their chance to trend Taekook on Twitter. In lieu of this event, let’s take a look at some of the other memorable moments between BTS' V and Jung Kook that have made ARMYs’ hearts flutter.

5 Taekook moments that prove BTS’ V and Jung Kook share the same brain cell

1) Special handshake

Nothing says soulmate more than having a secret handshake and that’s exactly how the duo greet each other. During a BTS Gayo episode, the two members made up a secret handshake that they have continued to use over the years whenever they are excited and happy to see each other. Their handshake includes them signing “I love you” and “I promise you” to each other.

2) Jung Kook cooking for V

In The Soop 2 gave us multiple legendary Taekook moments, including V using aegyo to get Jung Kook to fry pork belly for him. The latter is known to be a great cook, but V not so much, and hence is always on dishwashing duty whenever BTS hangs out. Despite Jung Kook being tired and initially refusing to do it, he still got up and diligently fried the pork strips so that V could have a hearty breakfast.

3) Legendary selca

Taekook is a sought-after duo due to the lack of content provided by them, which includes selcas. Both the members are very reserved and hence their social media presence depends on their mood.

So when the two members decided to do a V LIVE broadcast, the first for them in four years on Parents’ Day and make flower crowns and bouquets, no one expected a selca would follow the broadcast. Fans were shocked and overjoyed by the generosity of the duo as this was the first selca that they shared of them in a long time.

4) Karaoke party

Taekook is also one of the most sought-after pairings in the fandom because of them having no official sub-unit songs. Out of all the sub-units, Taekook is one of the only ones yet to release music together and fans have been clamoring about it for years.

So when, in In The Soop 2, V and Jung Kook sang Timeless by SG Wannabe together, there was some respite for fans who have desperately wanted a Taekook sub-unit to become reality from a long time.

5) Enemies to Lovers moment

In a Bangtan Bomb video, V woke a sleeping Jung Kook up by kicking a huge ball in his face. Enraged, Jung Kook chased a giggling V down the corridor, not even caring about his phone that fell from his hoodie pocket.

However, they soon made up as the cameraman found the two hugging and sleeping on the same mattress like nothing had happened. This cute moment has been dubbed one of the best Taekook moments by fans.

On September 14, 2022, V went live on Weverse and played a few games with ARMYs, however, fans were upset that they almost missed a Taekook live broadcast.

V’s initial plan was to play games together with Jung Kook, however due to family commitments the latter couldn’t make it, much to the dismay of ARMYs worldwide.

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