“Never getting over this”: Taekook sparring video goes viral on Jung Kook’s birthday

BTS V and Jung Kook (Image via Twitter/@VTeamBase)
BTS V and Jung Kook (Image via Twitter/@VTeamBase)

BTS ARMY, we finally have new Taekook crumbs and we are super stoked about it.

Jung Kook, BTS's youngest member, celebrates his birthday today. The handsome and talented star turns 25 today, and BTS members and ARMY have officially chronicled it as “Jung Kook Day”.

BTS member V took to social media to share a video of them sparring as a birthday present for Jung Kook. In the black and white video, V can be seen practicing his boxing skills with Jung Kook. He punches Jung Kook's palms as Bangtan's maknae acts as his "mentor," teaching him the basics of boxing and self-defense.

“Never getting over this” says a BTS ARMY as fans finally get some much-awaited Taekook content. For the unversed, Taekook is a portmanteau of their names Taehyung and Jung Kook.

BTS ARMY react to “Taekook” boxing match and hope to see more of their bromance

It is a good day for BTS fans. Not only is it their beloved “Baby Highness’” Jung Kook’s 25th birthday, fans also got some adorable dose of bromance between members Taehyung and Jung Kook, lovingly known as Taekook by fans.

However, this isn’t the first time Taekook have sparred. Previously, In The SOOP, Jung Kook was practicing his boxing when V joined him and asked him to teach him some moves.

Bangtan’s maknae generously taught his friend some moves and also allowed him to “punch” down his eight-pack abs.

Jung Kook has taken boxing seriously in the last few years and takes his workout sessions very seriously.

Fans call Taekook sparring match the “moment they have been waiting for."

Taekook has taken over Twitter worldwide trends with 112 K tweets in the last couple of hours.

Fans of BTS believe that nothing changes between Taekook and that their friendship only grows stronger.

BTS’ Jung Kook and V have been best friends ever since Bangtan was formed in 2013. Jung Kook revealed that due to his shy and introverted nature, he finds it difficult to make friends. He used to be so concerned about the older members that he would only take a bath at night to avoid interacting with anyone in the dorm.

However, BTS’ V helped him get out of his shell and become a more confident person publicly. The two have been best friends since then along with Jimin.

They've progressed from playing games to developing special handshakes and living their best lives. Fans hope to see more moments of pure friendship and bromance between the two maknae members of BTS in the future as well.

BTS members send their heartfelt birthday wishes to Jung Kook

BTS members took to social media to post their adorable birthday wishes for the “little one” Jung Kook.

While V shared a video of them sparring, providing fans with some enjoyable content, BTS' leader shared a sweet Instagram story of Jung Kook enjoying his food. He captioned it as:

“ Happy birthday dummy Jungkook sshwi”.

j-hope posted a sweet throwback video of Jung Kook singing and called him “September Husband”.

Jin took to Weverse to post a simple message. The message read:

"Jungkook, happy birthday. Call me if you want to hear more details."

SUGA hyung (older brother) posted a heartfelt message for BTS’ youngest member as well.

At the time of writing, Jimin hasn’t posted a birthday wish yet, and hopefully, we get more “Jikook” (portmanteau of Jimin and Jung Kook’s names) as well.

In other news, BTS will perform in Busan on Saturday, October 15, 2022, their first concert in five months.

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