5 must-watch Netflix original animated series

Netflix original animated series
5 entertaining Netflix original animated series that everyone should watch (Image via Netflix)

Over the years, quite a few Netflix original animated series have achieved widespread international success. Given the streaming platform's insistence on exploring a range of genres, it is not surprising that the shows have been able to enthrall viewers with varied tastes. The appeal to Netflix's original animated series lies not only in its eclectic content but also in the experimentation of different animation styles.


Bojack Horseman and Love, Death and Robots are both well-known Netflix original animated series, but they don't necessarily fall under the same category when it comes to the animation style or genre. Since Netflix releases plenty of animated shows throughout the year, it is common for some notable titles to fly under the radar.

Viewers who enjoy animated shows should be on the lookout for underrated Netflix original animated series that may not have as much hype but are still equally entertaining and fun to watch.

Hilda, Blue Eye Samurai and 3 other Netflix original animated series that will keep you coming back for more

1) Big Mouth (2017)


This Netflix original animated series is perfect for those who enjoy funny coming-of-age shows. The first season of the show aired back in 2014, and it has amassed a considerable viewership over the years. Season 7 was recently released in October 2023.

The show revolves around a group of teens and explores the challenges of puberty. It captures some hilarious and heartwarming experiences that come with becoming an adult.

The characters are awkward and chaotic, but they are also likeable. While the narrative is primarily targeted at adults, teenagers can also relate to the subjects explored. While it may not cater to everyone's taste, viewers who appreciate edgy shows are likely to enjoy this Netflix original animated series.

2) Hilda (2018)


What makes this Netflix original animated series special is that both children and adults can enjoy it equally. Based on a graphic novel, it centers around an 11-year-old adventurous girl who comes across the most dangerous monsters and somehow manages to befriend them.

Fantasy elements, compelling storytelling and endearing characters are some of the reasons why this Netflix original animated series is so binge-worthy. The easy-on-the-eyes animation also adds to the viewing experience. Currently, the show has two seasons and one special film that viewers can indulge in.

3) The Midnight Gospel (2020)


When it comes to animated shows with a unique concept, this show checks all the right boxes. It focuses on stories surrounding surrealistic adventures infused with audio from real podcast interviews between comedian Duncan Trussell and various guests. Some special guests that viewers may recognize are Joey Diaz, Phil Hendrie, and Damien Echols, among others. With only 8 episodes, it is a great option for weekend binge-watching.

The premise is that there is a spacecaster named Clancy Gilroy who visits different worlds on the brink of disaster. He interviews the residents to learn more about their thoughts and perspectives. Despite the vibrant visuals, the show delves into serious philosophical thoughts and ideas. This depth is what adds a refreshing and interesting layer to this Netflix original animated series.

4) Blue Eye Samurai (2023)


One of the more recent Netflix original animated series to create a buzz, this show boasts intriguing storytelling and striking animation. Released in November 2023, the show only has 8 episodes to date. The story focuses on a skilled swordmaster living in disguise while pursuing four men who she has a vendetta against.

Viewers who enjoy action-heavy narratives should consider putting this series on their 2023 watchlist. The dark and enigmatic visuals combined with well-developed characters and an engaging plot make for an entertaining watch.

5) Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023)


Viewers may remember the cult hit, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World that came out in 2010. This Netflix original animated series, like the movie, is also based on the graphic novels written by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Notably, the original cast returns to the show and provides voices for the same characters.

In this show, Scott Pilgrim seems to have died while fighting one of Ramona's evil exes, which changes the lives of all the beloved characters. However, Ramona believes that he is still alive and begins to investigate.

Refreshing and entertaining, this series containing 8 episodes is a must-watch for fans of the graphic novel.

Fun and addictive, these shows by Netflix are a great match for viewers looking for quality weekend binge options with great animation.

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