5 Nike sneakers ruling the footwear market

5 Nike sneakers ruling the footwear market (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Nike sneakers ruling the footwear market (Image via Sportskeeda)

Beaverton, Oregon-based sportswear giant Nike was launched back in 1964 when the track coach of the University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman, and his athlete Phil Knight joined forces to alter a pair of running shoes. The two later started an athletic shoe company called Blue Ribbon Sports, and imported their shoes from Japan.

In 1970, the name of the label was changed from 'Blue Ribbon Sports' to 'Nike'. That same year, Bowerman created the iconic and most historically relevant waffle sole over the shoe. Later, the duo went on to create multiple noteworthy and still relevant sneakers, including Dunks, Jordans, Air Max, and Air Force 1.

The label's silhouettes have always remained popular amongst sneakerheads and they have introduced a diverse array of makeovers over these sneakers. The label has since collaborated with many high-end labels, partners, artists, and athletes. Ahead, we have created a list of the five best Nike silhouettes that are most relevant to the label's history.

Top five Nike silhouettes that are most relevant to the sportswear label's history

1) Air Jordan 1

Michael Jordan's eponymous sub-owned brand under Nike began its journey with the launch of Air Jordan 1 in 1985 and has since been one of the most pop-culturally relevant sneakers. Fans still line up outside stores for the shoes to own at least one pair in their collection.

The shoe model was launched with the iconic Bred and Chicago colorways which have been updated many times. The Air Jordan 1 silhouette can be availed in multiple iterations, including high-top, low-top, mid-top, and elevate amongst many others. The sneakers have also witnessed many iconic collaborations alongside artists, top brands, and more.

One can easily name it as the most popular Jordan and Nike label shoe.

2) Air Force 1

Air Force 1 silhouette (Image via Sportskeeda)
Air Force 1 silhouette (Image via Sportskeeda)

The swoosh label marked a huge milestone this year as it celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Air Force 1 silhouette. Originally launched as a basketball sneaker in 1982, it has now been added as one of the most important lifestyle silhouettes by Beaverton, an Oregon-based label.

The silhouette is currently a streetwear icon and has maintained a top position in the sneaker sphere due to its clean look. The upper of the sneakers comes constructed out of leather material with inculcated Air Technology.

3) Dunks

The swoosh label dropped its own basketball sneakers in August 1985 with the Dunk model. The silhouette was design-inspired by the four previous models, i.e., Air Force 1, Terminator, Legend, and Air Jordan 1 to craft these sneakers. The silhouette has received a lot of attention, which has resulted in the formation of many high-end and famous collaborations.

The sneakers have been released in over hundreds of makeovers in the last few years and continue to receive fresh colorways every week, even after more than 37 years of existence.

4) Air Max 1

Air Max 1 silhouette (Image via Sportskeeda)
Air Max 1 silhouette (Image via Sportskeeda)

The sneaker giant managed to merge technology with style in 1987, when it first introduced the Air Max 1 silhouette. The shoe was design-inspired by the avant-garde Center Pompidou in Paris. The shoe was instantly iconic due to its history as the first-ever shoe to have visible air technology.

The shoe birthed the idea of the walk-on-the-air trend, which made it into the swoosh label's high-end luxury silhouette. The sneaker lineage has now been grown into many iterations such as 90, 360, 180, 95, 97, and 720 amongst many others.

5) Blazers

The American label introduced the Blazer silhouette in 1973 as a basketball shoe. It eventually became a lifestyle shoe due to its simple and clean aesthetic. The sneakers come in vintage-style for a minimalistic look and feature swooshes along both medial and lateral profiles, famous for their high-top style.

A fully streamlined appeal is given via midsoles and outsoles. The shoes are inspired by the 70s and the Y2K styles, which are still very much on trend.

Other than these five sneakers, the popular brand has also launched many other iconic silhouettes such as the Kobe's, LeBron's, KD's, Nike Air Max 90, and many others, which are ruling over the sneaker market. Here are some of the most popular questions that intrigue fans of Nike sneakers time and again:

1) Why are Nike sneakers so popular?

Some popular Nike sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some popular Nike sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

The history of the brand is well-documented -- kick-started by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964, the label has been one of the best sportswear companies of all time. Over the years, the Beaverton, Oregon-based label has developed a number of products, including a bevy of innovative sneakers for the sphere, which has gained a lot of attraction.

One of the reasons that the shoe's from the label are famous is that they have always collaborated with the best celebrities and athletes. The label has collaborated with athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Trout, Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo, and more.

The label has also collaborated with artists such as Travis Scott, G-Dragon, Billie Eilish, and more. The label has also always come forward with the most thoughtful and compelling ads and marketing campaigns.

2) What are the latest Nike sneaker releases that are popular?

The label recently launched multiple brand-new sneakers, which include an iteration of the Air Jordan 1 sneaker model, dubbed the Air Jordan 1 Elevate. The Air Jordan 1 Elevate sneaker model is made especially for women as it has a chunky midsole that adds a few inches to the height. The sneakers are also comfier.

The label has also introduced sneaker models alongside athletes such as Jayson Tatum, who introduced Tatum 1 sneakers, and Ja Morant, who introduced Ja 1. Both Tatum 1 and Ja 1 are part of Nike's basketball range. The Nike Vaporfly 3 is the latest addition to the iconic running shoes. The Phantom GX are the latest football boots by the swoosh label.

Some popular Nike sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some popular Nike sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

3) How can I get a good deal on Nike sneakers?

To get a good deal, one can download the SNKRS app and become a member, as they are frequently given offers. One can also head to the Sale's section on the swoosh label's official website, which features all the shoes on the off.

4) What are some of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time?

Other than the aforementioned sneaker models, which include Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1, Air Max 1, Dunk, and Blazer, the swoosh label has over the years also introduced models, which are iconic and most popular amongst sneakerheads including Air Jordan 11, Air Trainer 1, Air Max 90, SB Dunk, and Air Jordan 4.

These are the top ten Nike sneakers that have been the most consistently famous amongst sneakerheads. These shoe models are also expected to be the most popular and best Nike sneakers in 2023.

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