5 reasons LE SSERAFIM had the best 2022 girl group debut so far

LE SSERAFIM members (Image via Source Music)
LE SSERAFIM members (Image via Source Music)

Source Music's (HYBE Labels) new girl group LE SSERAFIM has finally debuted. The six-member girl group dropped their debut EP FEARLESS on May 2, 2022, and broke multiple records for a debut girl group. Undoubtedly, their debut entered as one of the biggest openers in the Korean music industry this year.

The girl group also shared a music video for their title track FEARLESS which managed to gather more fans for the girl group. The music video is a piece of art with great set and art direction. Many other factors have made LE SSERAFIM's debut a huge success.

Hence, here are five reasons why LE SSERAFIM's debut is one of 2022's best so far.

5 reasons which made LE SSERAFIM's debut iconic

1) Refreshing and new

LE SSERAFIM debuted with a fresh concept and music style that many K-pop enthusiasts loved. While fans love lavish sets, extra costumes, and head-banging choreographies, the Source Music girl group brought a new approach to K-pop with their music.

Written and produced by Hitman Bang and HYBE's CEO Bang Si-hyuk himself, the lead title is an alternative-pop track encompassing an addicting hook. The MV looks simple as compared to other K-pop debuts, but it is definitely one of a kind due to its clean and refreshing concept. With no grand gestures, sets, and outfits, LE SSSERAFIM managed to sand out with organic talent.

2) Mesmerizing vocals


LE SSERAFIM offered mesmerizing vocals throughout their songs released within the EP. With ex-Iz*One members Sakura and Chae-won having ample experience, they ruled in the music video. Garam, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eun-chae, the other four members, also stood out with their magnetic expressions, vocals, and rap flows.

FEARLESS, which is getting the most spotlight, consists of single-toned production and crisp percussion, which allows the listers to focus on the girls' vocals better.

Most of the time, the sextet sings in a clear register unlike the loud and cheery form many K-pop acts opt for, giving a plus for the vocal department.

3) A chorus that will keep you hooked

The chorus of the main track, FEARLESS, is one of the best parts of their debut. The girls fearlessly question and sing "What you lookin at?" while singing the chorus.

They also declare that they are fearless, so people should get away from their path. Once fans begin listening to the song, they'll be singing the chorus all day long.

4) They are FEARLESS

LE SSERAFIM do not fear anyone, and the sextet proved it with their debut song. Kazhua, the rapper of the group, declares in the first verse that she is "fearless, and a new b**ch." Along with Yunjin, she croons about entering a new era and climbing higher with her passion, marking a bold statement throughout the song.

It's rare to see a 4th generation debut group use bold lyrics for their song. But again, LE SSERAFIM made sure to begin with a fresh and never-seen-before concept.

More than that, the music video for FEARLESS opens with the girls laying in group, indicating their free-spirited nature and freedom-loving attitude.

5) Already chart busting and record-breaking

The latest girl group is breaking new records every day with their debut. The group topped the international iTunes Charts with their debut album and exceeded 100,000 sales, becoming the highest-selling debut album in first-day sales.

Apart from sales, the group also made a blockbuster debut on Spotify with an impressive number of streams. Furthermore, their first MV garnered over 25 million views in just two days.

Source Music's girl group is on its way to breaking more records and releasing more music for its fans. The girl group is currently trending due to their fiery debut EP, and their fans are already waiting for more.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan