5 things BTS Jung Kook's birthday is incomplete without

Jungkook from his Photo-folio (Image via Weverse)
Jung Kook from his Photo-folio (Image via Weverse)

A few days ago BTS’ Jung Kook celebrated his birthday, which has always been a hot topic amongst K-pop fans. Birthdays are an important event in K-pop culture, as fans get to see the close bond between their favorite idols and other members of their group and friends in the industry.

Fans also tend to go all out to celebrate the birthdays of their favorite idols, such as buying expensive gifts for them, organizing charity donations and fan events, and plastering their faces all over billboards around the world. They also have small get-togethers and host cup-sleeve events at cafes so that like-minded fans can rejoice and celebrate together.

BTS’ Jung Kook’s birthday was no different. In fact, it was a grand affair globally. However, his birthday has a few constants without which the BTS member’s birthday will feel incomplete. Let’s take a look at a few of those things.

5 things that make BTS’ Jung Kook’s birthday special

1) BTS members' wishes

BTS is a family and hence no member's birthday is complete without all of them coming online to wish their beloved bandmate, especially their maknae Jung Kook. Jimin in fact came online one day earlier on Weverse to remind everyone of his younger brother's birthday.

All the members wished him on different social media platforms in their own special way. SUGA and V chose Twitter, RM chose Instagram, while Jin and Jimin stuck to Weverse. J-Hope’s love came outpouring on both Twitter and Instagram. It was later revealed that Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope even went to the maknae’s house to wish him in person, showing exactly how loved the young one is.

2) J-Hope’s archive of memories

On BTS members' birthdays, out comes j-hope’s hard drive full of more than a decade's worth of memories. He always ensures that he carefully chooses pictures and videos he wishes to upload for each member’s birthday and his birthday wish for Jung Kook was no different.

Right on time, as the clock struck midnight in South Korea, J-Hope uploaded an old video of the two singing together on his Instagram story and added a bunch of stickers as well. He then headed to Twitter to upload chic pictures of Jung Kook along with a video of him grooving at J-Hope’s Jack In The Box party. He also added several fan-made hashtags to his posts and penned down sweet messages for the maknae.

3) ARMY projects

ARMYs treat a BTS member’s birthday as the grandest event on their calendar. In Seoul, a pop-up store dedicated to Jung Kook was set up. The biggest container shopping mall called Common Ground turned into a Kuku-themed space for his birthday. Simultaneously, many cup-sleeve events in various cafes and restaurants were also organized.

In Delhi, a club event was organized by a BTS Instagram shop. Apart from these, huge billboards and banners were also set up all over Seoul. Even monuments like a big Jung Kook doll and a Magic Shop were set up in his honor. 'One in an ARMY' organized a charity drive providing menstrual cups and menstrual health education to the people of Africa on his birthday as well.

4) Trending number one on Twitter

BTS’ Jung Kook has no trouble reaching the number one position worldwide on Twitter, earning him the title of the Trend King. This feat was immediately achieved on his special day, as almost all the trends are about him.

The majority of the hashtags trending on September 1 were related to him and the member managed to trend at the number one position for the entirety of his birthday.

5) Jung Kook Birthday V LIVE

The BTS member does not take the love of his fans for granted. He gives back equally if not more than what is given to him. Almost every year for his birthday, he conducts a V LIVE broadcast to celebrate his birthday with fans.

Recently he has also started to do Karaoke performances for them to keep them entertained by singing their song recommendations. He hosts such broadcasts for well over an hour showcasing his love and dedication to the fans.

Jung Kook’s birthday was a successful celebration. The idol is 25 years old and is the youngest and most successful K-pop idol in the world. With BTS’ second chapter underway, fans are looking forward to his solo album after having released hit singles such as Left and Right with Charlie Puth and Bad Decisions with fellow BTS vocal line members, Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco.

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Edited by Adelle Fernandes