5 top Joe Goldberg memes you should not miss

Joe Goldberg (Image via Know Your Meme)
Joe Goldberg (Image via Know Your Meme)

Joe Goldberg has become a familiar face in pop culture ever since the release of the very first season of the Netflix series You. With relationships and toxicity being consistent themes relevant to pop culture, the character caught the attention of not just the fans of the show but also the larger media. Joe Goldberg has become a common face in memes and has only grown in popularity over the seasons of the show.

While Penn Badgley, the actor who played Joe Goldberg, became equally popular with his stills from interviews being widely circulated, particular expressions of the character from the show became perfect meme material. After the release of the second season, Victoria Pedretti, who played Love in the show, also became very popular, becoming part of some of the funniest memes on the internet.

The show's fourth season premiered on Netflix on February 9, 2023. As more memes are still in the making and are getting more popular by the day, here are some that have been heavily used and made it to mainstream pop culture while generating laughs across the world.

The best Joe Goldberg memes on the internet

1) The monologue that defined the show

The infamous monologue by Joe Goldberg, in which his lack of boundaries and his frightening idea of love are exposed, is perhaps the most popular one from the entire show. While many memes have used this template to make fun of the gray boundaries that make toxicity such a sensitive subject, a lot of brands have also used the template to effectively personalize their products.

A wide range of different types of memes were made using this particular expression because of the amusing expression from Penn Badgley. The single look almost defines Joe Goldberg's character, intentions, and the troubled life he has had. Even those who hadn't watched the show began to grasp the meaning behind the still, making You all the more popular.

2) Joe Goldberg in love

This meme of Joe being all adorable is probably one of the most hilarious memes on the internet right now. Not only does it fit most contexts to make any situation funny, but the visual is hilarious in itself. The fact that the expression is so unlike Joe Goldberg's actual intentions makes it all the more interesting and absurdly funny.

Penn Badgley once again nails it while striking a balance between character consistency and being absurd and ridiculous. This too became very popular, even among those who hadn't watched the show.

3) Keeping it cool and acting normal

This relatively new You meme represents how Joe acts normal after doing the most outrageous things in the name of love. It also reflects the kind of innocence he boasts of while doing the most vile things possible. Memes have used it to make fun of keeping it cool in the worst possible situation and also to satirize the culture of gaslighting.

What's even funnier is the fact that these stills are being used by active social media users to also make fun of how toxic the medium can get and how it can enable the very toxicity they are criticizing.

4) Peeping through the door

In another near-perfect representation of his character, Joe Goldberg is creepily peeping through the door. This became a popular representation of how easy it is to be involved in someone's life through social media. The template began being used by fans of the show in every context possible, as hardly any fictional characters beat Goldberg at being the peeping Tom that he is.

They also started using it to describe the feeling of being too involved in another's life and the guilt that comes along with it. In this meme, too, a rather trivial thing like viewing an Instagram story too quickly is used with the template to magnify the creepiness of the situation. This template's adaptability made it yet another popular one from the show.

5) The inconsistency in Joe's likeability

Although this doesn't feature a still of Goldberg himself, it is a perfect representation of how his character is extremely gray while the performance still makes him easy to empathize with. While it becomes tricky to understand the show's narrative during the first part of the first season, ending with Goldberg killing Beck makes the makers' take on the character very clear.

This meme perfectly sums up the audience's feelings when watching the show and the kind of roller coaster that it is. Whether or not Joe even loves Beck or is just troubled is still a topic of much debate among fans and the general audience of the Netflix show.

Joe Goldberg's meme series is endless on all social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. While the show's popularity has caused many memes, the memes have made the show even more popular, with viewership increasing with each subsequent season.

The first part of the fourth season was released on February 9, 2023, and is streaming on Netflix.

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