5 most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month performances: Hyunjin, Yeji, and more

ITZY's Yeji for Studio Choom (Image via Studio Choom)
ITZY's Yeji for Studio Choom (Image via Studio Choom)

The most viewed Studio Choom's Artist of the Month videos are an extra delight for all K-pop fans. Each month, the K-pop YouTube channel picks a K-pop idol who later performs an excellently choreographed act with high-quality close-up camera details. They have become prevalent among K-pop fans as they see their idols dance to western tunes without their entire group.

Studio Choom also invites group performances, choreography versions, and soloists to perform under the Fully Focused series. Meanwhile, Studio Choom's Artist of the Month series majorly attracts millions of fans of the fourth generation of K-pop, including members from ATEEZ, ITZY, TXT, Stray Kids, and more.

Hence, here's a look at the top 5 most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month videos and artists.

5 most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month performances

5) ATEEZ's Wooyoung - Bad

ATEEZ's leading dancer, Wooyoung, covered Christopher's savage single Bad for his Studio Choom performance. The singer was the first male idol on the series to cross 10 million views and currently has 15 million plus views.

Wooyoung's choreography oozed a wild aura with him impeccably dancing to the tunes. The charming K-pop idol started in a gorgeous black suit with a fiery pace. However, it took a classy turn when the music slowed down and the dance break kicked in. Not to forget, the most beautiful part of the video is Wooyoung's "Ready for this," right before the brilliant transition.

4) ITZY's Chaeryoung - Cry For Me


ITZY's Chaeryoung stole all the attention with her cover of Camila Cabello's Cry For Me. The main dancer from the girl group appeared in an all-white attire and became the center with background dancers in black.

Hers is the fourth most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month video with 15.8 million views. Chaeryoung looked confident as she boldly danced to uttermost perfection.

The best part of the music video has to be her floorwork with sensual body rolls and expressions alluring the viewers.

3) ITZY's Ryunjin - Therefore, I am

Another artist from ITZY is Ryunjin, also known for her remarkable dancing style. The ITZY rapper danced to Billie Eilish's hit Therefore, I am and has earned 18.9 million, making it the third most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month performance.

Eliminating girly attires, Ryunjin opted for an all-black pantsuit at the beginning of the video. She wore a purple lipstick to elevate her boldness, making her look like a she-boss. She later transformed into another outfit, looking equally stunning, proving her versatile self.

2) Stray Kids' Hyunjin - Motley Crew

With over 25 million views, Stray Kids' Hyunjin's dance cover on Post Malone's Motley Crew is the second most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month performance.

The complicated choreography was performed smoothly, making it engaging and binge-worthy. On top of that, Hyunjin's expressions and delivery enhanced the music and quality of the video.

His solo dance break with the spotlight shining over him was the highlight of the music video.

1) ITZY's Yeji - River


The red-haired ITZY leader wins the race for the most viewed Studio Choom Artist of the Month artist with her spell-binding cover of Bishop Briggs' River. The video has garnered 40 million views so far, with thousands of fans going gaga over the performance in the comment section.

Yeji started the video solo, entirely captivating the viewers with her sultry dance moves. Like Chaeryoung, she is also one of the main dancers of the group, and Yeji proved it with her dance moves which were nothing but enthralling.

She later changed her clothes and continued to slay through her dance with a team of dancers.

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