5 viral moments from BTS' PTD Las Vegas

BTS backstage at their PTD Las Vegas Concert (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS backstage at their PTD Las Vegas Concert (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS has completed three nights out of four of their sold-out PTD concerts at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The last concert, on April 16, will also be live-streamed online.

The group has taken over Las Vegas, turning it purple. BTS' presence can be felt throughout the city. People of all races, genders, and ages can be spotted at this festivity. Some have even traveled from other countries to come and take part in this celebration.

BTS concerts are nothing short of a huge family get-together.

5 most loved moments from BTS' PTD concerts

1) Jungkook's abs

On day 1 of the concert, Jungkook saw a banner pointing to his abs. Jungkook cheekily obliged and lifted his shirt not once but thrice. ARMYs filled the stadium with screams while the group could not stop laughing, Jungkook included.

Over the course of the next two concerts, Jungkook continued to flash his abs at ARMYs. He lifted his shirt on day 2, while he was on the orange cart, because he saw another ARMY fanboy do the same.

Even on day 3, he teased ARMYs by lifting his shirt slightly. That was enough to make the ARMYs scream. However, he did politely refuse another fanboy later on who asked him to lift his shirt.

The disappointment was clear on the fan's face, which made Jungkook laugh out loud.

2) Completing hearts

As BTS was crossing ARMYs in their carts, many fans were signaling at them to complete the half heart they were holding out. J-Hope, Jungkook, and RM saw them and obliged.

A lot of the hearts they completed were of fanboys who seemed very excited to have had this interaction with the septet.

On day 3, while completing ARMY hearts, Jungkook even spotted an ARMY dad dressed up as Spider-Man.

He was very surprised by this and even did the Spider-Man hand-sign to show his support. Jungkook is a huge fan of Marvel and DC comics, especially Iron Man and Spider-Man.

3) ARMY outfits

BTS concerts are a place for ARMYs to express themselves completely. This is a celebration, a festivity that the fans enjoy every moment of. Intense planning goes into deciding the concert outfits.

Everybody wants to look their best and be comfortable enough to enjoy the concert at the same time.

Fans' creativity and talent know no bounds. Some fans even make their own clothes and accessories, especially to wear at the concert.

4) Shout-out to the gentlemen

On day 3, V gave a shout-out to the ladies and gentlemen in the audience. He mentioned seeing a lot of fanboys out in the crowd.

When he asked the men in the audience to scream, loud screams were heard throughout the stadium. This even shocked the members and Jungkook started questioning whether it was real.

SUGA stated that the screams were similar to the ones he'd heard at UFC championships. Jin marveled at the fact that there were so many male fans cheering for them, something he didn't think was possible.

One of the fanboys was shown on the LED screen cheering for the group and he got extremely excited seeing himself on the big screen. RM and V cheered him on while he cheered for the group.

5) Dangerous man SUGA

Banners related to SUGA were too many to count. On day 1, the group noticed a number of "Yoongi, Marry Me" banners, words they have noticed plastered everywhere whenever they do VLives.

An ARMY captured the perfect picture of SUGA on day 3, him standing next to a banner saying "Yoongi is a dangerous man." The phrase was taken from a 2014 fan-meeting where an ARMY threatened to sue SUGA for being a dangerous man who stole her heart.

This has now turned into a running joke that ARMYs never fail to mention whenever they get a chance.

BTS still has one more concert in Las Vegas before they leave for South Korea. Fans are speculating about a surprise at the end of the concert.

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