6 best home improvement shows that will inspire you

Home improvement shows
6 inspiring home improvement shows that viewers will enjoy (Image via IMDb/Amazon Prime)

There is something highly addictive about home improvement shows. When done well, they not only entertain viewers but also inspire them to start their own DIY projects around the house. The best thing about home improvement shows is that there is no set template about the format. Show creators can get imaginative and offer viewers content that is fresh, engaging, and informative.


While some shows reward amateur contestants for completing makeover challenges, others showcase how experts in the field transform challenging spaces to make them more functional and livable. In addition to this, many other formats have been welcomed by fans of the genre. Organizing hacks, tips and tricks on flipping houses and others are some examples of the same.

Although plenty of home improvement shows are released each year, there are some quality ones worth watching that offer the perfect blend of likable hosts, engaging content, inspiring home design, and decor hacks.

Fixer Upper, Instant Dream Home and four other home improvement shows that are all about the aesthetics

1) Fixer Upper (2013)


This home improvement show features a married couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, who run a home renovation and redecoration business. In each episode, they meet with a new couple who choose between three houses that need varying amounts of redecoration and redesign. The couple picks one for purchase, and Chip and Joanna work together to get it ready for them to move in.

The show has five seasons and 79 episodes. It is interesting to see how Joanna works with the couple to ensure the space is exactly how they envision their dream house. Viewers will also be impressed with Chip's ability to tackle any challenges that may arise during the project.

2) Tiny House Nation (2014)


One of the reasons why viewers loved this home improvement show was because the tiny spaces forced renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin to think outside the box. They worked with different families who wanted to live in small spaces but were struggling to make it work.

Weisbarth and Giffin put a lot of thought into each redesign because they had to ensure that the homes were aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The show also inspires viewers to rethink the potential of small spaces. It has five seasons and 83 episodes in total.

3) Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (2019)


Many people struggle with organizing, and this can often lead to clutter in personal spaces. This home improvement show containing eight episodes puts the focus on an amicable Japanese organizing consultant called Marie Kondo. In each episode, she comes to the aid of a new family who are not being able to keep their homes tidy and organized.

When this home improvement show first aired, it created a lot of buzz. Her method of tidying called the KonMari method was embraced by people around the world. The method encourages people to keep only those things that "spark joy". The show's popularity also led to increased donations in some countries.

4) Dream Home Makeover (2020)


Containing four seasons and 24 episodes, this home improvement show features Shea and Syd McGee who run the home design company, Studio McGee. They work with different clients on renovation projects. Since their clients have different requirements and budgets, there is no "one shoe fits all" situation.

Not only do viewers get a peek into the work the duo does for the clients, but they also share insights about running the business, their family dynamics and the kind of renovations they do on their own house.

5) Get Organized with The Home Edit (2020)


Like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, this home improvement show is also about the joys of organizing. The experts in this show are Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the founders of The Home Edit, which is a home organization company. Across two seasons and 16 episodes, the duo works with different individuals and families to help them declutter their personal spaces.

The best thing about this home improvement show is that it is easy for viewers to pick up tips and tricks from the duo that they can emulate in their own homes. It is also interesting to see famous celebrities and get a peek inside their beautiful homes.

6) Instant Dream Home (2022)


In this impressive home improvement show, a crew of experts in home redesign and renovation transforms homes in a matter of 12 hours. Containing eight episodes in total, this show highlights the stories of inspirational individuals who were able to renovate or redecorate their homes for a variety of reasons.

Given the time crunch, the crew often comes across roadblocks. However, the professionals that they are, they find ways to overcome them and stay in line with the vision for the project. It is especially exciting to see the before and after visuals of the same house.

Viewers looking for quality home improvement shows should make a point to check out these worthy titles that boast creative solutions, a skilled crew, useful tips, and a heavy dose of aesthetically designed spaces.

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