Six high school romantic K-dramas to binge-watch

Six high school romantic K-dramas to add to your binge-watch list
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K-drama enthusiasts love watching high school romantic K-dramas. High school reminds viewers of the memories they shared with their friends and also brings to mind the possible crushes, love triangles, romances, and more. High school romantic K-dramas take fans down memory lane and help them relive every moment of their teen years, with more drama than usual.

Titles like Reply 1988, The Heirs, and The Boys Over Flowers have also set high expectations for fans when it comes to the depiction of high school romance. These dramas are the pinnacle of romance and audiences have been looking forward to more releases in this genre.

Moving, Cheer Up, Twenty-Five Twenty One, and more high school romantic K-dramas to binge on

1) True Beauty - HiTv and Viki


True Beauty is based on Yaongyi's very popular webtoon. The plot follows Im Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young), a high school girl who has been bullied and discriminated against all her life. As a result, she is determined to use the power of makeup to improve her life and become the most attractive girl in her new school. She must now ensure that no one discovers the secret to her beauty.

She soon meets two men, Han Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop), who appears as the "bad boy" and Suho (Cha Eun-woo), a serious, top student who charms his way into fans' hearts with his silent gaze. She forms deep and complicated bonds with them as they help her embrace herself and heal.

Moon Ga-young looks exactly like her webtoon character, Im Ju-kyung, and True Beauty is known to be one of the best high school romantic K-dramas. Viewers can expect this title to cover several themes including bullying, self-esteem issues, a love triangle, intense heartbreak, second-lead syndrome, and so much more.

2) A Time Called You - Netflix


A Time Called You is the most recent high school romantic K-drama from Netflix starring Jeon Yeo-been, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Kang Hoon. The title, which premiered on September 8, 2023, follows the lives of two star-crossed lovers who travel through time to reunite. The show begins by focusing on the protagonist who has recently lost her long-term boyfriend.

As she mourns and grieves this massive loss, an unexpected turn of events transports her back to 1998, where she encounters an 18-year-old boy whose face and traits bear an uncanny resemblance to her late boyfriend.

This high school romantic K-drama includes elements of romance, tragedy, and time travel as well, which set it apart from other titles in the genre. The engrossing plot is set to keep viewers hooked to their screens.

3) Crash Course in Romance - Netflix


Crash Course in Romance is a romantic K-drama for all ages. This title does not feature the usual cheesy, over-the-top gestures but includes a mix of kids navigating through high school romance, and moms fighting for their pride. The series takes viewers on a voyage through a one-of-a-kind high school romantic K-drama that focuses on a Math teacher, Choi Chi-yeol, and side dish restaurant owner Nam Haeng-son.

Chi-yeol is a hilarious tsundere with PTSD who genuinely cares about his students. Haeng-seon, on the other hand, gave up her dream of playing handball at the national level to care for Hae-e.

This is indeed a hilarious yet unique K-drama to add to one's binge-list as it includes the enemy-to-lover cliche and also showcases the friend-to-lover trope in the form of a teenage love triangle. It also offers viewers an intriguing mix of love, suspense, drama, and laughter, which takes it to the next level.

4) Moving - Disney+


Within seven days of its release on Disney+, the high school romantic fantasy title became the streaming platform's most-watched K-drama globally. The plot centers around super-powered individuals who were once spies for a South Korean government agency.

They are chosen for their extraordinary abilities, such as the capability to fly, indestructibility, and heightened senses. When their missions get more dubious, these agents decide to go rogue and hide from the world to safeguard their children, who have inherited their skills.

Viewers are first introduced to three gifted high school students who are constantly scrutinized by the enigmatic principal who appears to have a hidden motive. The drama contains elements of high school romance between these three students and a rogue romance between the adults.

This is the perfect high school romantic K-drama to binge on if viewers are looking for a change in pace with elements of action-packed fantasy. The intricate storytelling, thought-provoking moments, and emotional sub-plots make this title stand out.

5) Twenty Five Twenty One - Netlix


Twenty Five Twenty One deals with a variety of themes, including fencing, the stages of love, unconditional friendship, the need to mature in the face of adversity, living in politically charged times, and more.

This high school romantic K-drama focuses on the lives of Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk). Hee-do is a 19-year-old fencer with huge goals, while Yi-jin is a 23-year-old man rebuilding his life after a financial crisis left his chaebol family bankrupt.

The drama follows their journey through high school with a stellar supporting cast and unique sub-plots that bind them together. This drama is a tear-jerker and is the perfect combination of romance and tragedy. The coming-of-age story is set to remind viewers of their first love and emphasizes the importance of living in the moment.

6) Cheer Up - Viki


Cheer Up is a high school romantic K-drama with elements of friendship, love, competition, and campus life. The title focuses on a working-class girl, who joins her college's down-and-out cheerleading team, where she discovers friendship, love, and an old campus mystery.

Do Hae-yi (Han Ji-hyun) is a Yonhee University student. She is a clever and hardworking individual who prioritizes earning money over academics, owing to her family's financial predicament. Do Hae-yi unexpectedly joins Theia's cheering group one day for financial reasons.

However, she discovers the joys of campus life while being on the team and finds an unexpected romance with the captain. The chemistry between the lead characters and the aspect of mystery that the plot offers adds to the hype surrounding the title.

These high school romantic K-dramas will be sure to take viewers on a trip down memory lane and help them relive their teenage years. They focus on themes of romance, heartbreak, tragedy, friendship, and more and make for an entertaining viewing experience.

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