All of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s stunning dance covers on her YouTube channel

BLACKPINK's Lisa in her element (Image via Sportskeeda)
BLACKPINK's Lisa in her element (Image via Sportskeeda)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is an avid dancer and there’s nothing like watching her slay every move to perfection. From being a dance mentor to posting dance covers on her YouTube channel, her passion for the art form has been reflected in multiple ways.

The Money singer started her official Youtube channel, Lilifilm Official, on November 5, 2018. As of July 19, 2022, the channel has 10.1 million subscribers and 23 videos.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa served her fans with multiple dance performance videos and it's safe to say she is the dancing queen BLINKs hail her to be.

All of Lisa’s dance videos on her channel as of now have been choreographed by Cheshir Ha. The K-pop idol also shared an Instagram post thanking Cheshir for her contributions, before the latter left Korea.

In light of this, let’s take a look at some of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s dance performance videos on her YouTube channel.

City Girls, Cravin, and more: BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s dance covers that live up to her dancing queen status

1) MALAMENTE (Cap.1: Augurio) by ROSALÍ


Released on August 21, 2019, this dance performance video has over 41 million views as of July 19, 2022. BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s performance on ROSALÍA’s MALAMENTE (Cap.1: Augurio), is absolutely stunning.

Dressed in white cargo pants and a crop top that accentuated her waist, the K-pop idol served some amazing hip-hop moves. With graffiti and neon lighting backdrop, Lisa hooked viewers completely.

The swift steps and smooth transitions definitely set the tone for other dance covers on her channel.

2) City Girls by Chris Brown, Young Thug


Released on July 10, 2020, this dance performance video has over 53 million views of July 19. 2022. BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s video on City Girls by Chris Brown and Young Thug also features dancers Cheshir Ha, Vata, and Yehwan Kim.

Appearing in an all-black outfit with hair styled with a headscarf, Lisa gives off hip and chill vibes. However, even more stunning is her dance routine.

From crazy sync-in chest jerks to effortlessly cool moves, BLACKPINK’s Lisa offered her fans a dynamic cover with this one.

3) Cravin by DaniLeigh (Feat. G-Eazy)


This dance performance video by BLACKPINK’s Lisa was released on November 22, 2019, and has 55.8 million views as of July 19, 2022. The hip-hop and rap number by DaniLeigh grabs one’s attention almost immediately.

Dressed in her classic cargo pants with a crop top look, the K-pop idol spiced up her looked with a beanie and jacket in this video. Her flawless and quirky moves in this performance video do not miss a beat.

With clean step touches and groovy choreography, Lisa showed off her fabulous dancing skills.

4) Mushroom Chocolate by QUIN, 6LACK


With a whopping 89.8 million views as of July 19, 2022, this dance performance video by BLACKPINK’s Lisa was a massive hit. Released on April 20, 2020, the LALISA singer grooved to the beats of Mushroom Chocolate by QUIN, 6LACK.

Nothing compares to the grace and elegance that accompanies the singer in this performance video. Her smooth floorwork and poised silhouette while dancing to Mushroom Chocolate is immaculate. The camerawork and direction of the video is also equally noteworthy.

A little thread of lisa's legs "did it work" meme going viral.😂You can add more if I miss something😆

Additionally, Lisa’s long legs, which she adorned with thigh-high boots, became a meme subject. Fans photoshopped and edited her legs over other pictures and started a “Did it work?” trend on Twitter.

5) Tomboy by Destiny Rogers


With a whopping 98 million views as of July 19, 2022, this dance cover was released on February 12, 2021. Tomboy’s Spotify streams hiked up to 1939% following BLACKPINK Lisa’s dance Lilifilm movie to it.

Starting with a storyline concept, the dance cover gradually captivates one with its groovy aura. It also features Cheshir Ha, Bada Lee, Monroe Lee, and Dazzle Kim as side dancers.

This dance cover is a testament to BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s immaculate body control and core strength. Her swagger in the suit is top-notch and is reflective of the confident person she is.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has yet again proven her tremendous popularity by registering a grand record on Spotify. The B-side track Money from her solo debut album LALISA surpassed 500 million streams on the music platform and made her the first and only solo act to achieve this success.

#MONEY by #BLACKPINK's #LISA has now surpassed 500 MILLION Streams on #Spotify! It’s the Fastest Song by a K-pop Female Act to reach this Milestone.MONEY HALF BILLION STREAMS #MONEY500MonSpotify

This comes just 309 days after the track’s release on September 10, 2021, breaking BLACKPINK’s How You Like That record of registering 500 million streams in 443 days.

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