"It makes you feel less alone": Amanda Kloots addresses dating rumors with 'The Bachelorette' alum Michael Allio

Amanda Kloots addresses rumors on her dating Michael Allio (Image via amandakloots/ Instagram, michael_alliol4/ Instagram)
Amanda Kloots addresses rumors on her dating Michael Allio (Image via amandakloots/ Instagram, michael_alliol4/ Instagram)
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The Talk host Amanda Kloots and The Bachelorette alum Michael Allio have now addressed their dating rumors and set the record straight.

The two sparked rumors when Kloots shared a cozy picture of them hanging out and taking their online friendship into the real world last December. The duo had dinner at Burntwood Tavern in Ohio.

She captioned her post as:

"Finally met this guy in person after being Instagram friends for a year!! Lots of fried food, drinks, great chats and laughs!"

She confessed that she had a good time with Allio. Fans were quick to ship them together.

Amanda Kloots was married to Broadway actor Nick Cordero who passed away after battling COVID complications. She said:

“When you are a widow and single parent, it is so wonderful to meet people that are in your same boat. It makes you feel less alone."

Amanda Kloots sets the record straight on her dating rumors

Amanda Kloots clarified the rumors in an interview with E! News. She said that if they were dating, they wouldn't be "snapping the picture and posting it.”

The Talk host did not mind the rumors and realized they came from a good place. In the interview, she said:

“It comes from, you know, he has an incredible support system online and fans all over that just want him to succeed in life and find love again. And I have an amazing group of fans that want the same for me…We were both laughing at it, but neither of us were upset by it. People just want us to be happy and find love again. So, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

When Amanda Kloots met Michael Allio, she noted that they had established "an immediate comfort" and an "immediate friendship." She said:

"[It was] so nice to be able to sit down with somebody who you're first meeting in person but just to be so honest and candid, you know? And I think that's what going through a loss like this, it really just, it turns you into a very honest and candid person."

Kloots and her late husband Cordero have a son Elvis who is now 2-years-old. Allio lost his wife, Laura, to cancer in 2019 and his dad to their 5-year-old son James.

Kloots reflected on how her and Allio's losses brought them together as friends.

“There is an immediate honesty and ease when you’ve been through trauma like we have. We are both from Ohio, have little boys and [have] been through a very hard time in life. We have each other’s back.”

Kloots is open to dating

Amanda Kloots confessed that she is open to dating other people. She said:

"Please bring on the dates. You know, listen, I love love. I love being in love. I love being married. I love being in a relationship. I think too, like with Elvis, I long for that family again in my life."

The Talk host also noted that her late husband would've wanted the same for her.

"I talk to Nick all the time in the car whenever I'm driving..and it was before the holidays I said to him, 'OK honey, it's time. Like, you gotta send me a really great guy 'cause I'm really lonely and I would love to be hugged and kissed again. So you gotta send me somebody that's really special 'cause I'm ready.'"

Amanda Kloots was last seen on Dancing With The Stars, where she finished fourth. Michael Allio was last seen on the seventeenth season of The Bachelorette. He made it into Katie Thurston’s final four guys and later eliminated himself.

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