Are Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers still together? Southern Charm couple's co-star Leva Bonaparte reveals their relationship status

Olivia Flowers with Leva Bonaparte [left] and Austen Kroll [right] from Southern Charm
Olivia Flowers with Leva Bonaparte [left] and Austen Kroll [right] from Southern Charm (Image via levabonaparte, krollthewarriorking/Instagram)

Bravo’s Southern Charm season 8 ended last month, but fans were still curious about some of the cast’s relationship status. Leva Bonaparte recently spilled the beans on her co-stars’ love life.

She revealed that her co-stars Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll are no longer dating. Leva mentioned Olivia and Taylor Ann Green’s names while stating that the ladies were “done” getting involved with their respective ex-boyfriends.

While promoting her upcoming show Southern Hospitality, Leva told US Weekly:

"I had drinks with Taylor and Olivia and I think that ship has sailed for her and Olivia in terms of the men of Southern Charm.”

For those unaware, Southern Charm season 8 ended with Shep Rose and Taylor’s breakup while Austen and Olivia were figuring out their relationship.

Austen mentioned Olivia on Bravo’s Winter House

After finishing Southern Charm, Austen Kroll started filming another Bravo show, Winter House. In last week’s episode, he revealed that he was missing Olivia and wanted to invite her to Vermont (the location where Winter House was filmed).

Austen’s confession left ex-girlfriend Ciara Miller in shock as she thought he was flirting with her and fellow girls in the house. She told Austen that Olivia would break up with him after seeing his behavior on the show. Eventually, Austen dropped the idea of inviting Olivia to the Winter House set in Vermont.

Meanwhile, Austen’s co-star and close friend Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm revealed that Olivia was done with him.

Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers’ relationship timeline on Southern Charm

Southern Charm season 8 introduced Olivia Flowers as a potential love interest for Austen Kroll. Throughout the season, the two were seen going on several group dates with then-couple Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose.

Olivia and Austen hit it off instantly, with the latter even meeting her parents. However, things soon started going downhill when Austen couldn’t stop talking about his ex Madison LeCroy on his first solo date with Olivia. The latter was upset with him for some time.

Season 8 encompassed a lot of ups and downs in Austen and Olivia’s relationship. One of the major highlights was when Austen slept with Ciara while she was visiting Charleston. He got together with Ciara for one night as “revenge” after seeing Olivia bring a date to an event.

Outside the show, Austen admitted to dating Olivia in May 2022. In an interview, he said:

“I’ve known her now for a year and a half. You will certainly see where it begins, then how it ends [on Southern Charm season 8]. And it certainly is some ebb and flows as I’m trying to figure it out.”

In August 2022, Olivia told Us Weekly they were an exclusive couple. She said:

“We’re just having fun. We traveled a bunch this summer. We went to really cool places, and you always get to know someone on another level when you travel with them.”

She continued:

“And we got to kind of relax once the cameras left and the shows stopped. We just kind of really got to know each other and figure out if this was something we wanted and we’re definitely in each other’s lives.”

However, during the season 8 reunion (aired in October), Olivia seemed to be annoyed by Austen a lot of times. She was especially upset after former couple Madison and Austen joked about their obsession with each other.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether Olivia will return to Southern Charm next season.

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