"Audra, you started it": Why are fans blaming Audra for a brawl with Toya on Married to Medicine?

Toya and Audra get into a physical fight on Married to Medicine
Toya and Audra get into a physical fight on Married to Medicine (Image via Instagram/toyabushharris,audratheattorney)

Married to Medicine Season 9 aired another dramatic episode on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. The one-hour episode saw some significant drama erupt between the cast members as the ladies got into physical altercations, leading to misunderstandings and potential damage in relationships. However, viewers were all in for the same and also had some strong opinions.

On this week's episode of Married to Medicine, Toya and Audra's arguments reached their limit as the two ladies got into a physical argument, with Toya pushing the latter away and Audra almost kicking a punch back at the counterpart. Fans, however, slammed Audra for provoking Toya into a fight as they took to social media to express their opinions. One tweeted:

Neither Toya nor Audra have seen eye to eye this season. Many fans claimed that the latter, a newcomer making her debut this season, came into the show with a strong dislike for Toya. However, other viewers stated that Toya kept pushing the newbie to the limit, leading to a strong confrontation from Audra.

Married to Medicine stars Toya and Audra get into an altercation

At Quad's Christmas party, everything was going well until rumors began to surround the ladies about Toya sleeping with another man in the neighborhood and cheating on her husband, Dr. Eugene. Although the Married to Medicine star was initially aware of the rumors about her, Heavenly brought it up as they sat down to discuss alongside other ladies.

Chaos ensued soon after as Toya kept asking who spread the rumors. Previously, Anila and her friend, Zaina, allegedly spread the same. However, it wasn't the only flak coming her way. Audra confronted Toya about the latter's comments on the dresses chosen by the newbie during their vacation to Las Vegas.

In a confessional, Audra said:

"Toya's definitely been provoking me. Once the bear attacks, you can't blame the bear, okay? You gotta blame yourself for poking it."

The Married to Medicine newcomer then took out her calculator to throw digs at Toya to prove that Toya lied when she said that she made a million dollars off selling her house. While the other ladies wondered where the "math class" was coming from, Heavenly exclaimed that it was out of place for the newcomer to "put somebody's business out there."

In tonight's episode, Toya addressed the rumors and confronted Anila and Zaina about the same. She also went on to complain to Anila's mother before confronting Audra.

Toya explained her argument with Audra to Eugene when the newbie fought back. Both Toya and Audra exchanged a war of words before it got into a physical fight.

Toya first facepalmed Audra, following which the latter threw a few punches at the counterpart. This led to the production and the ladies' husbands coming in to douse the fire. Fellow Married to Medicine cast members were left shocked at the incident as they tried to wrap their heads around the same.

Fans react to Toya and Audra's fight on Married to Medicine

Fans were disappointed with Audra and blamed her for provoking Toya. They believed Audra began the fight by discussing Toya and Eugene's finances, leading to a strong response from Toya, which was understandable.

Check out what they have to say about the issue.

Season 9 of Married to Medicine is already halfway into the season, and viewers have witnessed several arguments between the cast members, but this takes the cake. After this altercation, what is in store for the duo's relationship? Only time can tell.

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