Bachelor In Paradise (BiP) season 8: Meet the new arrivals from episode 13

3 women enter the Paradise beach, one decides to leave on the first day itself (Images via ABC)
3 women enter the Paradise beach, one decides to leave on the first day itself (Images via ABC)

With just one week left for the two-part finale airing of Bachelor in Paradise season 8, the producers decided to send some newcomers to Paradise beach in episode 13 to spice up the existing relationships. Three new women from The Bachelor season 26 entered the beach with a date card and brutally impacted an existing relationship.

The newcomers entering the beach in Bachelor in Paradise season 8, episode 13 are:

  • Mara Agrait from New jersey
  • Lyndsey Windham from Texas
  • Ency Abedin from California

Lyndsey Windham left the beach on her first episode itself.

Bachelor in Paradise welcomes newcomers from a variety of backgrounds

Ency Abedin

29-year-old Ency Abedin currently works as a sales manager and an executive assistant brand manager at Better Bru. She is from California and has a Global Studies degree from UC Irvine. According to her LinkedIn, she also earned a degree from Yonsei University in 2017 in International Business, Trade, and Tax law.

Ency has worked as an assistant and ambassador in many organizations, including LG Health Care, Mesa, and Piano-Express USA. She was eliminated from The Bachelor season 26 within the first two weeks and did not get a chance to get to know Clayton. She did, however, say that she made "lifelong friends" from her time on the show.

On the new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Ency and Andrew went on a date and played many beach games. Andrew broke up with Jessenia, his former love interest from week 3, just a week before the finale, to spend some more time with Ency.

Lyndsey Windham

29-year-old Lyndsey Windham is an industrial sales representative from Houston, Texas. She is a Texas A&M University alumni and loves to travel.

Lyndsey was eliminated in week 4 of The Bachelor and wanted to find herself a good partner on Paradise beach. She asked Logan out on a date, who was already exploring his connection with Kate. After the happy couple discussed the whole situation, Kate told Logan not to go. Logan himself felt torn but ultimately said no to her date card since it was already too late to establish new connections.

Lyndsey did not feel there was an opportunity for her on the beach and left the show without even asking others out.

Mara Agrait

33-year-old Mara Agrait currently works as the Director of Development at SilverSmart Tech, a company established by her, along with her father. She has a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and a Hospitality degree from the Institute of Culinary Management. Mara has experience working as the CEO of several companies located in New York.

She was born in Puerto Rico but moved to the USA with her family when she was very young. She currently lives in New Jersey, but her company is in Florida. The new Bachelor in Paradise contestant was last seen on season 23 of The Bachelor. She was evicted in week six after she told Clayton that his love interest, Sarah, was not ready to get engaged.

On the new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Mara went on a date with Justin and made charros with her. After returning, Justin decided to pursue his existing relationship with Florence, who was about to leave the beach as she did not want to be anyone's option.

Episode 14 of Bachelor in Paradise season 8 will air on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 pm ET.

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