Bachelor in Paradise season 9: Everything we know so far

Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise (Image via Instagram/ @bachelorinparadise)

Although there hasn't been a confirmed premiere date, Bachelor In Paradise's season 9 is expected to premiere very soon, according to ABC. In 2014, the show, Bachelor In Paradise, premiered with the concept of matching single men and women seeking a life partner.

This show features contestants who had also appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette but were unable to find their true love.

Jesse Palmer recently shared on June 4 how he is all set to begin filming the show after ABC confirmed it in May 2023. As the previous season premiered in September 2022, it is expected that this upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise will also premiere around September. There has been no official announcement yet regarding the cast members of this season.

The majority of the cast members will come from The Bachelor season 27 featuring Zach Shallcross and The Bachelorette season 20 featuring Charity.

Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise: Who could appear

Some of the women who made quite an impression on fans during Zach's season were Ariel Frenkel, Kat Izzo, Brooklyn Willie, and Jess Girod. Meanwhile, Gabi Elnicki recently shared on April 2023 that she is unsure if she can find love in any other reality show.

According to her:

“I think there are parts of myself that still need to heal.”

On her Tik Tok, Gabi shared the following response to a fan who asked if she was going to take part in the next season of Bachelor In Paradise:

“That’s a great question. I’ve been wondering that myself.”

Furthermore, Katie Thurston will not be appearing in this upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise, as she revealed recently during an Instagram question and answer segment that she would not be participating this season.

Moreover, Rachel Recchia stated back in April 2023 that she is being open-minded about the show's newest season during an interview with Hollywood Life.

“I would have to go down just, like, completely open-minded. I would have to really go down and be like, I’m [going to] talk to whoever and give them a chance…even though everyone there would probably [already be] my ex-boyfriend," Rachel said.

Apart from this, Charity's season 20 of The Bachelorette just started, and the show is still up in the air about who will become Charity's life partner and who will leave.

In Bachelor In Paradise season 8, the couple that is still together

Currently, Michael Alio and Danielle Maltby are still going strong after season 8 of the show. Though they have not been engaged yet, they are developing a healthy relationship. Michael Alio explained the following during the reunion episode of season 8:

“Meeting Danielle has changed my life. I’ve only ever said I love you to one person in my life, but I love you."

Apart from them, Brandon Jones and Serene Russell also received a lot of attention during season 8. Even though they were engaged on the show, they decided to separate after some time.

Apart from them, Johnny DePhilippo and Victoria Fuller got engaged, but their love didn't last and they broke up after the show.

While Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin made headlines with their romance, it came out that they decided to end the relationship during the show's reunion.

As of now, fans will have to wait a little longer to see season 9. Fans can also watch the latest season on Hulu in addition to ABC.

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