Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 17: Why are fans slamming Kyle Viljoen after he fell and sprained his ankle?

Stew Kyle Viljoen from Below Deck Mediterranean season 7
Stew Kyle Viljoen from Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 (Image via kylethebold/Instagram)

The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 featured the crew members working more hours as one of their staff couldn't help out due to an injury.

Stew Kyle Viljoen fell down the stairs and hurt his ankle in episode 17. As a doctor advised him not to put too much strain on his sprained ankle, the stew was seen resting 24/7 in the least installment. With one man down, the interior team was swamped with work as the incident happened while a group of charter guests was onboard.

Although the deck crew helped chief stew Natasha Webb and stew Natalya Scudder at work, fans were surprised to see Kyle not helping the crew at all. Viewers felt that he could have at least helped in the laundry as it didn’t require him to stand the entire time.

You know if Kyle really wanted to help he really could have done laundry.I'm just saying, that really would not have involved a lot of standing on your feet.But he'll probably expect a full share for all if his dramatics.P.S. Courtney fell harder on the dock #belowdeckmed

Towards the end of the episode, Natasha had to take a tough call and asked Captain Sandy Yawn to replace Kyle until he got better.

Here’s what fans have to say about Kyle Viljoen

Throughout episode 17 of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, Kyle was seen sleeping in his cabin. As the workload was too high, Natasha eventually requested him to help in blowing some balloons for the charter guests’ party.

Apart from the balloons, Kyle didn’t offer to help with anything else despite the fact that the crew members were swamped and were working without breaks. Natalya even pointed out in the episode that she worked continuously for over 20 hours.

Seeing Kyle being dramatic about his injury, fans slammed him on Twitter. They felt that Kyle should have at least folded the laundry or should have not accepted the tip money.

Some fans also suggested that the stew should have split his share of tip money between Natasha and Natalya.

Take a look at fans’ reaction:

The least Kyle could have done was share some of his tip with the rest of interior #belowdeckmed #belowdeck #BelowDeckMediterranean
Who else thinks it would have been a nice gesture for Kyle to spilt the tip between his two team mates? #belowdeckmed #BelowDeckMediterranean
#belowdeckmed The doctor trying to explain to Kyle that it’s just a mild ankle sprain
Didn’t Kate make some stew do laundry on a stool once? Why can’t Kyle sit in a chair and do something? Fold some laundry, wash a dish…do anything but complain #belowdeckmed
#belowdeckmed can't Kyle fold laundry?
I don't think Kyle should get any of that tip. He didn't do squat. #belowdeckmed #BelowDeckMed
Watch Kyle hop out of bed real fast for the tip! #belowdeckmed
Kyle pulled some ligaments in his foot, so now he eats and sleeps in his cabin 24/7.. there is truly nothing he can help out with at all? Really? Lol 🙄😂 #BelowDeckMed
The absolute laziest, fake, dramatic, stew award goes to Kyle! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 Give me a break! #BelowDeckMed
Kyle isn't even pretending to give it a try here. #belowdeck #belowdeckmed
Kyle can blow up balloons but can't do laundry. Got it #BelowDeckMed

Kyle left the yacht at the end of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 17. A new stew will join the crew on the upcoming episode for the last charter of this season.

While bidding farewell to Kyle, Captain Sandy stated that she didn’t fire him, but was instead giving him some time off to heal. Kyle might join the team later.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 17 recap

Apart from the Kyle drama, Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 17 also featured tension between Natasha and chef Dave White.

For those unaware, Natasha and Dave started off on a friendly note as they shared cabins and hooked up a couple of times. While the chief stew perceived the situation as having a fun time, Dave started to get serious about their relationship. This resulted in a big blowout between the two, which got the captain involved.

In the latest episode, Natasha and Dave were once again seen snapping at each other. Captain Sandy had to intervene for the second time this season and asked them to be professional in front of the charter guests.

Titled “The Fall Guy,” Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 17’s official synopsis read:

“The crew scrambles to help Kyle after a tumble down the stairs and his subsequent ankle injury is worse than they thought, which puts more pressure on the interior. With another day of bad weather ahead, the deck crew figures out a creative way to get the guests on the water.”

It continued:

“When Courtney tries to pull up the anchor, however, she gets an unwelcome surprise. After Natasha and Natalya work a long, exhaustive day on their own, Natasha must make a difficult decision about the future of her department.”

The charter guests left the yacht after giving a whopping tip to the crew. In the upcoming episode, a new group of guests will come onboard, along with a new stew for the interior team.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 airs new episodes every Monday on Bravo at 8 pm ET.

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