“Camille is annoying”: Why did Below Deck fans slam deck stew Camille Lamb in season 10 premiere?

Camille Lamb from Below Deck season 10
Camille Lamb from Below Deck season 10 (Image via camillelambb/Instagram)

Season 10 of Below Deck premiered its first episode on Monday, November 21, featuring three familiar faces and many newcomers.

Captain Lee Rosbach, chef Rachel Hargrove, and chief stew Fraser Olender have been part of the franchise in previous seasons. This year, the new faces include stews Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber, deck stew Camille Lamb, and Bosun Ross McHarg and his deckhands Luis Antonio “Tony” Duarte, Katie Glaser, and Ben Willoughby.

In the premiere episode, deck stew Camille didn’t impress the show’s fans. She was seen whining, complaining, and criticizing the second stew Alissa’s orders.

Camille is annoying #BelowDeck

Camille felt that Alissa was not being a good leader and was bossing her around in episode 1.

Fans criticize Camille’s behavior in episode 1

In Below Deck season 10 episode 1, Camille joined the crew as deck stew, which meant she would have two bosses. She would work for both the deck and interior.

Throughout the first episode, Camille was seen questioning second stew Alissa’s leadership skills. The latter found the deck stew annoying because Camille was not taking orders with a positive attitude. In fact, she didn’t finish any work properly. She was seen complaining about Alissa and promoting herself as a fun person.

Camille compared Alissa with “A-grade” students who were adamant about finishing up their work and didn’t know how to have fun. She further compared herself with “C-grade students” who work as well as have fun.

Camille’s attitude was not appreciated by Below Deck fans as they labeled her “annoying” and felt that she was “trouble.”

Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Camille, I’m calling it now, is T R O U B L E. #BelowDeck
I can already tell that Camille is bad news #BelowDeck
Camille will be gone in the next 3 episodes.... #belowdeck
Camille stocked that fridge at a solid C grade level that she said she is satisfied w striving for. Sorry, but C students aren’t wired to be effective, competent yacht stews. Maybe she should just go work in a tollbooth or something. #BelowDeck
I have a feeling this 2 job title isn’t gona go well for Camille. #belowdeck
Camille we can hear ya!! Turn down that attitude girl it's too early #BelowDeck
I’m going to blame Camille for everything #BelowDeck
I already feel like I’m not going to like Camille #BelowDeck
Camille acting a little jealous that Alissa is 2nd? Or does she just not like authority #BelowDeck

Below Deck season 10 episode 1 recap

Below Deck season 10 episode 1 started off with Captain Lee’s crew introducing themselves to viewers. The captain further shared with his team that he recently underwent a nerve-related operation and was still recovering, so he was counting on his crew for an easy sail.

The title of the first episode was Love Never Lasts at the Beach, and its official synopsis read:

“St. David welcomes aboard a few familiar faces, including Fraser, who has been crowned chief stew. This season, Chef Rachel makes it her mission to outdo herself, but the sheer size of St. David may work against her.”

It further stated:

“The new bosun, Ross, is heavily seasoned with 10 years in yachting, but can his experience make up for his green deckhand crew? Charter guests test the crew’s abilities. Capt. Lee reveals a medical condition that could affect the whole season.”

The episode also featured this season’s first charter guest. A group of friends boarded the 175-ft-long super yacht, St. David. From the moment the guests arrived, they were seen drinking and mixing alcohol. The crew was seen slightly annoyed with the party as the guests kept spilling drinks and breaking glasses.

Although the yacht was beautiful, it was extremely huge, which made it difficult for the crew to provide food service on time. The cast member who struggled the most was chef Rachel Hargrove as she had to run down two floors to reach her inventory section. In Below Deck season 10 episode 1, her service was seen getting delayed.

Chief stew Fraser Olender, on the other hand, was close to a meltdown as he admitted that his job was overwhelming. In the previous season, he was a stew, but this season, he was promoted to chief stew.

Meanwhile, viewers can watch the premiere episode on the network’s site or on Peacock TV. Below Deck season 10 airs new episodes every Monday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET.

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