When did Rachel Hargrove join Below Deck? Career and controversial moments explored ahead of season 10 premiere

Rachel Hargrove set to return to Below Deck
Rachel Hargrove set to return to Below Deck (Image via Instagram/@chefrachelhargrove)

Below Deck cast member Rachel Hargrove said goodbye to the reality show mid-charter in season 8. She did return later, since she didn’t need to leave Captain Lee “hanging.”

Her time on the Bravo show was not without controversy and stirred up a lot of drama. She is probably one of the few cast members to ever swear at a captain. The reality star recently found herself in the limelight after going on a long rant against Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll.


The reality star was at odds with the majority of her crew members, including Chief Stewart Kate Chastain, with whom she had previously worked for years. Others were also not pleased by her “antics” while on the boat and made claims about her bad behavior after drinking.

Rachel is now set to appear in Below Deck's upcoming season with the drama being promised.

Below Deck's Rachel Hargrove is set to return for another season

One of the most controversial Below Deck cast members is set to return for another season. Her time on the show has provided viewers with constant drama and has caused issues with many of her crew members. It can be said that while ensuring the guests had the best time ever, she made sure that her Below Deck cast members had the opposite.

Rachel first appeared on the show in season 8, which she left mid-season after a dramatic altercation with Captain Lee, only to return the next day. To recap, when the captain presented the chartered guests’ demands and preferences, she declared, “eat my c**ter,” and said, “go f*** yourself,” but not at the captain himself, as she later clarified.


However, other cast members also had certain things to say about her behavior while on the boat, and not everything they said was positive. Former Chief Stewart Kate Chastain said that she wasn’t surprised.

While on What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, she said:

"When we worked together, years and years ago, I think she quit at least three times — but came back the next day."

Eddie Lucas spoke about Below Deck crew nights, which were a chance for the hard-working cast to let loose and bond. During an episode in 2020, he said:

"It went fine at first but once enough sauce got into Rachel, she becomes a different person. It’s rude and classless."

Eddie was not the only person who had an issue with her drinking. Francesca Rubi claimed that she was embarrassed by her Below Deck cast member’s drunken behavior. However, it isn’t just her on-screen presence that ticks people off. Rachel previously appeared in America’s Next Top Model, where Tyra Banks allegedly called her a “plus-sized model,” in her audition.

In July 2022, the reality star took to social media to tweet about the television personality and actress with an unflattering picture of her. The tweet did not sit well with fans, who called her out for body shaming Banks even though she felt the same.

She tagged Banks in a tweet that read:

"Remember when you called me a plus size model when I was a size 2?"

The Bravo star later commented, saying that a lot of people reached out to her and told her that the show caused them to have body dysmorphia, which led her to make the comment. She also said that Tyra Banks needs to be held accountable for her behavior on the show.

The same month, Rachel took to the social media platform to call Austen Kroll from Southern Charm a “narcissistic t***.” She alleged that Kroll, along with Shep Rose, searched her bag at NBC Upfronts in May. Not only did she call out Kroll’s behavior, but also took digs at the network and said that she won’t attend BravoCon 2022.

However, she is set to return for another season of the Bravo show that airs on November 21, 2022.

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