Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer application: How to apply and all you need to know about the $100,000 offer

Candy Funhouse offers position of Chief Candy Officer to children (Image via CandyfunhouseCaCF/YouTube)
Candy Funhouse offers position of Chief Candy Officer to children (Image via CandyfunhouseCaCF/YouTube)

On Tuesday, July 19, UK-based online candy retailer Candy Funhouse announced a job posting that has made rounds around the internet since then. The vacancy is for a job position that the firm labels as “Chief Candy Officer” or “CCO.”

In their LinkedIn posting for the job, the firm stated that this is the first and only such position in the world. The description of the post further read:

“Do you love all things candy and chocolate? Are you passionate about confectionary treats and exploring unreleased and existing products? If so, this is the PERFECT position for you!”

Unlike most job positions, the post of CCO is available for specific North American residents beyond the age of five. Furthermore, the CAD 100,000 position will benefit from working from remote locations in Toronto, Canada, and Newark, New Jersey, USA.

What does the Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer job listing say?

Hiring: CHIEF CANDY OFFICER! 🍭 Are you passionate about CANDY, POP CULTURE and FUN? Get paid 6 figures to lead our Candyologists. Job is open to ages 5+, you can even apply on behalf of your kid! #DreamJob #hiring #careers #candy

According to the position’s details on Candy Funhouse’s LinkedIn profile, the job “includes approving all candy in the inventory and deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official “CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval.”

However, based on the listing, it was clear that only Toronto (Canada) and Newark, New Jersey (USA) residents were eligible for the job. The firm may have open positions at both their Toronto and Newark locations.

The position of Candy Chief Officer at Candy Funhouse will also come with up to CAD 100,000 payscale. To apply for the CCO position, no prior experience in the field of candy manufacturing or any other work experience is required. The listing states:

“The Chief Candy Officer will be responsible for deciding which new candy products Candy Funhouse will be carrying, leading candy board meetings, being the head taste tester, and taking charge of all things fun!”

They further explained that the selected candidate would undergo extensive training to train their palate. As the Candy Chief Officer, the individual would have to taste and test over 3500 products per month.

While this would be a lot of candy for even a sweet tooth, CCO's position also comes with a dental plan coverage by the firm, ensuring that tasting so many candies will not leave a permanent effect on one’s teeth.

Other responsibilities of the position include approving inventory and highlighting special batches of candy with the stamp of CCO. The selected candidate will also have a say in the discussions to decide which candies will be produced and sold by the firm. They would also have to strategize their plans in regards to candy and would also be organizing members in board meetings. The online confectionery further said:

“Best of all, like the love of candy - the position isn’t bound by age! The position is open to anyone ages 5+ residing in North America. All you need is a passion for candy, pop culture, and a sweet tooth!”

Application process:

Candidates can apply for the position through Candy Funhouse’s LinkedIn or the official website’s career section. Candidates must provide their identity and contact details to apply for the position. They are further required to submit a resume and an optional cover letter stating why the candidate is suitable for the position.

Requirement of skills in the Chief Candy Officer (CCO)


As per Candy Funhouse’s job listing, the eligible candidate must have a “creative mind” and an interest in trying confectionery products. The candidates would have to be non-allergic to all food items and are required to have “Golden taste buds” and a sweet tooth. They would also have to speak fluent English to communicate efficiently.

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