"Certified psycho": Below Deck Down Under season 2 fans slam Laura Bileskalne for defending Luke in the latest episodes

Laura Bileskalne gets fired from Below Deck Down Under season 2
Laura Bileskalne gets fired from Below Deck Down Under season 2 (Image via Instagram/@lbilene)

Below Deck Down Under season 2 returned with two new episodes on Monday, August 7, 2023. In episodes 6 and 7, the otherwise fun and lighthearted show took a dramatic turn that resulted in the firing of two cast members.

When the chartered guests left, the cast went out to let loose, however, things took an uncomfortable turn when they returned to the ship. Although Aesha decided to keep a passed-out Margot company, as soon as she left the room, a drunk Luke acted inappropriately towards the cast member and was fired.

However, he was not the only one who was let go, as Laura was also fired for being inappropriate towards Adam.

Fans took to social media to slam Laura for her comments to Margot and claimed that it wasn't fair for Luke to be let go. They noted that the cast member is a "certified psycho."

"Beyond disgusted": Below Deck Down Under season 2 fans slam Laura in season 2 episodes 6 and 7

In the latest episodes of Below Deck Down Under season 2, fans saw two cast members leaving the yacht. During a crew outing, chief stew Aesha Scott felt that Luke's behavior towards Margot was extremely inappropriate since she was drunk and wanted to keep an eye on things.

She kept a close watch once they returned to the boat but after a power cut, she wandered out of the room for a minute, during which Luke entered Margot's cabin without clothes on and got into her bed.

The producers were able to get him out of the room and Margot was safe. Aesha immediately woke up Captain Jason and Luke was quickly escorted off the boat and fired.

While most of the crew was on board with the firing, Below Deck Down Under season 2 cast member Laura thought it was unfair. She noted that he should have been given a warning instead.

She was vocal about her opinions to Margot and told her that since Luke is a "s*xual person" he was probably joking and added that he "wouldn't have r*ped" her. She further went on to imply that Luke was the victim in the scenario and treated badly.

However, her lack of empathy was not the only reason she was let go from Below Deck Down Under. Fans have seen Laura make her interest known in Adam and have also witnessed the latter not be reciprocal to her advances. However, it didn't stop the junior stew as she continued to pursue her despite him saying "no."

The same night that Luke acted horribly, the female cast member also climbed into Adam's bed to try and give him a massage and had to be removed by the producers.

The next day, Aesha had a conversation with Adam about Laura and later communicated his feelings about the stew to the Below Deck Down Under season 2 captain.

After having a conversation with Adam and Margot about how they felt, the captain decided to speak to Laura and inform her of the termination. However, Laura was not too happy. She asked if she could be let off with a warning but Jason didn't budge.

During her exit interview, the stew called Jason's style of leading "zero-ship" and unfair. Fans took to social media to slam Laura for her behavior and noted that they were "beyond disgusted" by her.

Below Deck Down Under season 2 will return with a brand new episode next week on Bravo.

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