“Classic Kathy”: RHOBH fans can’t stop laughing at Kathy Hilton’s “cracker” question in Crystal Kung Minkoff’s house

Kathy Hilton and Crystal Kung Minkoff from RHOBH (Image via crystalkungminkoff/Instagram)
Kathy Hilton and Crystal Kung Minkoff from RHOBH (Image via crystalkungminkoff/Instagram)

Season 12, Episode 15 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) aired on Bravo on Wednesday, featuring Crystal Kung Minkoff dealing with co-stars' questions regarding her eating disorder.

The latest episode picked up from where the previous installment ended, which was at Dorit Kemsley's charity event. The ladies, especially Erika Jayne, started questioning Crystal's bulimia and her course of treatment. Although Crystal seemed annoyed with all the pressure, she kept her calm and mentioned that she was getting the necessary help.

The next day, she shared the incident with her husband, Rob Minkoff, and broke down. At that moment, Kathy Hilton visited her house. Kathy told Crystal that the ladies had good intentions and wanted to help her, but she didn't have to listen to them and could get help when she was ready.

While the two and Rob were having a conversation about his eating disorder, Kathy suddenly asked,

“Do you have cracker?”
Kathy going to Crystal’s ordering like she’s at a restaurant! 😂😂 That’s why we love her! #RHOBH

Here's what RHOBH fans have to say about Kathy Hilton

Viewers shared their opinions on Twitter after Kathy Hilton asked for crackers, cheese, and diet coke at Crystal's house. Fans found it funny that the millionaire put Rob and Crystal at work in their own house.

Take a look at fans' reactions:

Not Kathy putting Crystal and Rob to work in their own home. Classic Kathy. #RHOBH
Crystal is lucky Kathy showed up to her house because had she not been there that scene would have been entirely cut from the show #RHOBH
Kathy taking over crystals scene asking for crackers and a Diet Coke has me dead😹😹😹 #RHOBH
Omg. Rob Mingkoff serving Kathy Hilton snacks is a riot. #RHOBH
Kathy waiting for Crystal and Rob to finish prepping her crackers, cheese and coke. #RHOBH
kathy hilton requesting crackers has really taken up half of the episode 😭 #RHOBH
I Love ❤️ Kathy LMFAOO 😂😭, “ She Said Do U Have Cracker’s, and Also Coca-Cola Some Cheese” . #RHOBH
OMG not Kathy going to Crystal’s house and getting serviced by Crystal and her husband #RHOBH
Kathy is so unintentionally funny 😂 #RHOBH #RHWOBH
Kathy Hilton talking to Crystal about her eating disorder then asking for crackers, cheese, and a Diet Coke mid conversation is next level #RHOBH
I love how Kathy just put them to work in their own home. #RHOBH

Kathy Hilton is a part of the RHOBH cast and appears as the sister of Kyle Richards. She steals the limelight whenever she appears in an episode. In Episode 15, she first made viewers laugh at Dorit's event, where a serious feud was going on between Garcelle and Lisa. Amid the spat, Kathy just laughed, leaving some of her co-stars in splits and some annoyed.

A similar incident happened at Lisa's party towards the end of the episode. Erika, Garcelle, and Sutton addressed the "liability" comment and talked about the fight at Dorit's charity event.

The name of the charity association was Homeless Not Toothless, but Kathy stated Toothless Not Homeless and insisted that the title needed a change. She couldn't control herself from laughing every time the name came up.

RHOBH Season 12 Episode 15 recap

Apart from Kathy putting her foot in her mouth, RHOBH Season 12 Episode 15 was not as entertaining as the show's previous episodes. The ladies brought up the same topic and ended their conversations in a fight.

This time, Garcelle was questioned for being a loyal friend and for having an issue with Erika's drinking habit. On the other hand, Sutton couldn't stop asking Erika why the latter called her a "liability." She mentioned that she was not a liability, but Erika was for the entire group.

Sutton further stated that an attorney called her regarding Erika's lawsuits. She also pointed out that the latter's legal troubles had disturbed the RHOBH cast's lives. The conversation started at Dorit's house and was seen being continued at Lisa's disco party.

The title of RHOBH Season 12 Episode 15 was "Disco Inferno," and the official synopsis read:

"As Dorit's charity dinner continues, Crystal addresses troubling rumors she's been hearing; Sutton objects to a hurtful label and drops a bombshell in return; the ladies boogie down at Lisa's disco event, where Kathy puts her foot in her mouth.”

The next episode will see the ladies taking a trip together to Aspen. According to the mid-season trailer, a massive fight will occur between Kathy and Kyle at Aspen.

Meanwhile, viewers can enjoy a new episode of RHOBH Season 12 every Wednesday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET.

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