CW's The Flash and 2 other shows' season finale dates revealed

CW announced the season finale dates for hit shows such as The Flash, Naomi, and Superman & Lois (Image via @cwtheflash, @TheCWNaomi, @cwsupermanandlois/Twitter)
CW announced the season finale dates for hit shows such as The Flash, Naomi, and Superman & Lois (Image via @cwtheflash, @TheCWNaomi, @cwsupermanandlois/Twitter)

CW recently revealed the season finale dates for several hit shows. Shows including The Flash, Superman & Lois, and Naomi will be premiering their season finales this summer in May and June.

The revelation comes only a few weeks after the network confirmed that several of its shows, including The Flash and Superman & Lois, will be renewed for new seasons. That means the former will be back for Season 9 and the latter for Season 3.

The channel revealed that The Flash's current eighth season will conclude on Wednesday, June 29, with Naomi's first season concluding earlier on May 10 at 8 pm with continuous episodes. Whereas Superman & Lois will wrap up its second season a few days before that, on Tuesday, June 21.

CW reveals the season finale dates for The Flash, Naomi, and Superman & Lois

At long last, the CW announced its upcoming lineup with season finales. In the coming months, a few of the most popular series will air their season finales, including The Flash and Naomi, have recently been confirmed.


The Flash's eighth season kicked off in November 2021 and will conclude in June this year. The teaser for Season 8 Episode 11, coming this April 13 promises the reappearance of Robbie Amell's Firestorm. As the Black Flame mystery unfolds, the newest season is moving into one of the show's darkest stories. While The Flash usually faces adversaries that are speedsters, metahumans, or even aliens, Black Flame is an unusual threat.

Previous episodes have revealed Black Flame's ability to take the form of any dead individual. The last episode, titled Reckless, dealt with Caitlin Snow dealing with the enemy. Season 8's upcoming Episode 11, titled Resurrection, further implies Firestorm's return.


Naomi is in its first season and is based on the comic book protagonist of the same name created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell. The narrative follows Naomi as she tries to figure out who she is and where she came from.

CW has revealed the storyline for its upcoming tenth episode titled Fallout, which will air on Tuesday, April 26 at 9/8c pm. The episode builds on the dramatic conclusion of the ninth episode titled Keep Your Friends Close, which revealed that Naomi's (Kaci Walfall) parents, Greg (Barry Watson) and Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar), are aliens who employed extraterrestrial technology to shield her from Commander Steel (Brian Brightman).


Superman & Lois premiered in 2021, with the second season commencing in January 2022. Clark Kent/Superman has been fighting Bizarro, a distorted version of himself, throughout Season 2. Meanwhile, Lois Lane has been studying the Inverse Society cult, which is linked to Bizarro.

Season 2 Episode 10 trailer for Superman & Lois addresses Bizarro World head-on. Man of Steel was missing from the ninth episode of Superman & Lois' continuous season due to a very special reason. Clark began 30 Days and 30 Nights by journeying to Arrowverse's version of Bizarro World.

In a shocking turn of events, the last episode of the show revealed Bizarro World's Jonathan Kent. The doppelganger, dressed in a Superboy-inspired suit from 1990s, hints towards something happening to Earth-Prime's Superman before offering a quick glance at the other side.

It's okay 🤗 #SupermanAndLois will be back before you know it. Don't forget you can stream every episode so far on The CW:

The tenth episode will air on April 27 after a long break and the season will conclude on June 21.

Stay tuned to keep tabs on your favorite CW shows, as these season finales will surely make the summers ten times better.

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