Daniel Howell World Tour: YouTuber reveals why he left the platform, provides update on upcoming solo tour  

Daniel Howell reveals why he quit YouTube and announces a solo world tour (Image via Dan Howell)
Daniel Howell reveals why he quit YouTube and announces a solo world tour (Image via Dan Howell)

A reappearance from British YouTuber Daniel Howell was definitely not on the cards for 2022. But fans were in for a surprise when they saw a new video from the 31-year-old after almost three years of drought. And it wasn't just any ordinary video, as it promised to uncover why Howell decided to quit YouTube.

In the nearly 90 minute video, Howell began by reminiscing about the momentous journey of how he became a YouTuber in the first place and the subsequent mental health struggles this career and its complementary fame brought him. He closed off his monologue with the exciting announcement of a solo world tour.

Why Daniel Howell quit YouTube


Daniel Howell revealed that the social media video platform has been taking a toll on him, claiming that he was "burnt out from being a YouTuber." After his last upload where he came out, Howell was excited for new endeavors where he wouldn't have to hold back his true self anymore.

He said:

“I wanted to change. Something new, something different, something inspiring, something where it’s not just me by myself, talking about myself. New people, new challenges, new experiences. And now that I’ve finally come out, I can be real and actually enjoy this crazy f*cking life cuz I’m free to just be me.”

Daniel Howell then elaborated on the YouTube Originals comedy show that he had been working on:

“The show is called Dan is not okay, where I play myself set in a world where I graduated law school and never became a YouTuber. And it turns out that even if my life went down a different path, I’ve still got all the same problems because this Dan hates his job, has no friends, has spiraling mental health issues, and a serious long term girlfriend. Because if I haven’t got my positive experiences with social media and my audience, I would still be a Daniel in denial.”

However, the onslaught of the pandemic threw a wrench in the plans for the show as YouTube completely dropped the ball on any communication with the creator. Despite this, Daniel Howell fended off offers from other production companies, rallying behind the platform that had single-handledly catapulted him to fame.

Unfortunately, his faith wasn't repaid in kind. Amongst the challenges Daniel Howell faced was an instance where he was labeled "uncooperative" for speaking out against an edit that rearranged the order of the show without his consent.

The final nail in the coffin was a call from YouTube that pulled the plug on the project, citing that they were no longer interested in going ahead with it due to structural changes.

Daniel Howell's mental health only deteriorated further from this point, crossing into "serious depression," given the hours and money he had invested into his life story.

Daniel Howell admitted defeat and expressed his massive disappointment with how things went down, saying:

“I understand how these things go and that the entire nature of YTO and the remit is subject to change. I do wish the process could have been better with more candid conversation and without some of the sour incidents, but mostly the time I cannot get back. Perhaps the project was always too ambitious for the platform, and I was naive to have done so much for this, personally and professionally, but c’est la vie.”

The YouTuber has been dealt a tough hand in the past couple of years, but he's still trying to maintain a positive outlook. Ending the video on a high note, Howell invited his ardent fans to "see some stand-up self-deprecation" and "feel part of something" with his upcoming solo world tour. The dates and locations for the tour will be unveiled on his website this weekend.

For details on Daniel Howell's World tour- tickets, dates and locations- visit his official website here.

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