David Seth Cohen, the man who rejected Adam Sandler’s offer to hang out 22 years ago calls it “angel-devil” moment

(R) David Seth Cohen (L) Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween (Image via Instagram & Netflix)
(R) David Seth Cohen (L) Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween (Image via Instagram & Netflix)

Some believe that meeting an A-list celebrity is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and for David Seth Cohen, he hopes that may not be the case. David Seth Cohen once rejected star Adam Sandler’s offer to have drinks at his NYC apartment.

Buzz surrounding the “Uncut Gems” actor appears to have skyrocketed after the viral IHOP incident. On April 29, 2021, a video uploaded to TikTok showed a young woman working at a Long Island restaurant miss out on her chance to meet the comedian-actor.

However, Cohen feels his story from 20 years tops the IHOP incident:

“The IHOP thing is nothing, She thinks she has pain? This girl didn’t let him sit at a table. Imagine passing up a drink with your hero. I’ve been kicking myself since 1998. I never forgave myself.”

David’s story dates back to a moment from his life in November 1998, when he worked as a production assistant on the comedy classic “Big Daddy” starring Adam Sandler. During this time the comedian invited the 22-year-old to come up to his apartment for a drink.

David made a documentary on missed opportunity with Adam Sandler

The then-young David was captivated by Adam Sandler’s offer and thought the actor was just messing with him using one of his iconic goofy voices.

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David, who is now a filmmaker, thought back over the incident where he was left contemplating accepting the invitation or sticking to his work ethic as a production assistant.

“It was one of those angel-devil moments.”

Although David considered Adam Sandler’s offer and at the moment thought,

“Do it, man, he’s one of your heroes”

The then production assistant ended up turning down the offer. Cohen’s decision that day still haunts him.

“This was my opportunity to get into the inner circle of a comedy legend, Adam helps out people he likes and always works with his friends.”

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In 2006, Cohen attempted to recreate his lost opportunity when he turned 30 and began documenting his journey to meet Adam Sandler again. The documentary feature titled “Finding Sandler” is yet to film its happy ending.

Cohen said he traveled across the country from New York to Los Angeles to Sandler’s native New Hampshire as well as his favorite restaurant, The Red Arrow Diner. Unfortunately, the filmmaker’s determination back fired as he claims Adam Sandler’s manager asked him to rethink the project in 2007.

“He got my number and basically said, ‘I think you should stop production … [but] we’re not going to stop you from doing anything,”

According to the "New York Post", Sandler’s rep stated that his manager.

“never asked him to stop production on his project.”

Cohen continues to stick by his side of the story and said he only expected a casual meeting with Adam Sandler.

It is comforting to know that Cohen hasn’t given up on his dream and is currently marketing “Finding Sandler” on the film festival circuit.

It remains to be seen if David will get to clink glasses with the comedian.

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