Decoding the mystery of Cha Min-hoo in Kiss Sixth Sense - can he also see the future?

Min-hoo is hiding big secrets of his own in Kiss Sixth Sense. (Image via Disney+)
Min-hoo is hiding big secrets of his own in Kiss Sixth Sense. (Image via Disney+)
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After creating the likes of Snowdrop and Grid, Disney+ has now debuted the much-anticipated Kiss Sixth Sense, starring Seo Ji-hye as Hong Ye-seul and Yoon Kye-san as Cha Min-hoo. The series is the latest addition to the streaming platform's catalog of Korean dramas that are available for viewing internationally.

The trailer for the show and its first two episodes have made it clear that the show’s protagonist Ye-seul possesses the power of precognition that activates whenever her lips come in contact with another person’s body. Her powers do exhibit themselves in a rather peculiar way. However, while it has been easy to figure out her abilities, her hot-tempered boss is another story altogether.

Note: Spoilers from Kiss Sixth Sense episodes 1 and 2 ahead.

Does Min-hoo have special powers in Kiss Sixth Sense like Ye-seul?

Ye-seul is not the only one who can see the future (Image via Disney+)
Ye-seul is not the only one who can see the future (Image via Disney+)

While viewers were probably banking on Ye-seul’s powers to continue messing up her seemingly impossible romantic future with Min-hoo, they weren’t anticipating that the latter would possess somewhat similar abilities of his own. While it hasn’t been explicitly mentioned yet, Min-hoo can apparently “sense” the future and is most probably unaware of it.

In the first episode of Kiss Sixth Sense, we learn Min-hoo goes through his fair share of debilitating headaches. With him running a big advertising firm, that is not very surprising, However, when the arrogant Oh Ji-young turns up at his home wanting to woo him, and they accidentally kiss, there's a big revelation. Ji-young remarks that she learned from his doctor that the kiss is what triggered his headache.

The first two episodes barely provide an answer to this head-scratcher. All we get at the end of the first episode is Ye-seul accidentally kissing Min-hoo and catching a glimpse of his future, which includes them making love in his house. Surprisingly, Min-hoo is more flustered than Ye-seul and acts as if her touch burned him. The next day, he nurses a major headache and keeps popping pills.

A particular incident in the second episode of Kiss Sixth Sense is, however, very telling. During the public reveal of the pop-up store, Min-hoo detects a weird odour, something no one else can smell apart from him. He asks Ye-seul to spray air freshener. The situation turns more peculiar when he asks the staff to take care of the left part of a beam which he thinks is unsteady.

Before viewers can brush it off as nothing, a homeless man barges into the store, intent on sleeping on the bed. The man smells, spreading the bad odour Min-hoo had sensed minutes ago. In the ensuing struggle to get the man out, the left beam that Min-hoo had pointed out earlier, actually breaks.

So what exactly is happening here?

Min-hoo can can "sense" the future (Image via Disney+)
Min-hoo can can "sense" the future (Image via Disney+)

From the looks of it, Min-hoo appears to be suffering from a condition due to which he experiences sudden phases when loud noises and skin contact overwhelms him. However, it is probably his ability to sense the future, unlike Ye-seul who sees what is to come.

For now, all we can do is speculate as only future episodes of Disney+’s Kiss Sixth Sense can solve this mystery.

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