"Emily is insecure": 90 Day Fiancé fans slam Emily for not letting Kobe spend time with his community 

Emily does not want to move to Ohio (Images via emm_babbyy/Instagram and TLC)
Emily does not want to move to Ohio (Images via emm_babbyy/Instagram and TLC)

Tonight on 90 Day Fiancé things got intense between Kobe and Emily. Kobe's friend Temperature accidentally revealed that he knew Emily was pregnant. He also asked her to consider moving to Columbia, Ohio since it would be difficult to take care of two kids in their small home.

Emily got very upset and straight up denied the offer without even consulting Kobe. During a later argument with Kobe, she also became upset that he had told Temperature about the pregnancy. Fans who watched the episode labelled her as being insecure and called out her behavior.

#90DayFiancePoor Kobe.. he ain't allowed to have a confidant bc Emily is insecure #90dayfiancebefore90days

Emily also checked Kobe's iPad and saw that he was looking at one-bedroom apartments in Ohio. When she confronted him, he got angry at her for checking his iPad without his permission and defended himself by saying that he was just looking at the links sent by Temperature.

Kobe also said that he was the only one making compromises in their relationship and pointed out that he could easily find a job in Ohio through his friends. Emily felt that Temperature was a bad influence on Kobe.

90 Day Fiancé fans however disagreed with Emily and felt that she was not taking Kobe's feelings into consideration. They felt that she was being insecure and was not allowing Kobe to spend time with members of his own community.

90 Day Fiancé fans slam Emily for not taking Kobe's feelings into account

Tonight on 90 Day Fiancé, Emily rudely asked Temperature to speak English in her car when the latter started to advise Kobe to stand up for himself in his native language. She also did not take into account that if the couple moved to Columbia, Kobe would be closer to his community and could hang out with them.

She rudely accused Kobe of just wanting a green card and said that he would move away once he became an American citizen.

90 Day Fiancé fans slammed Emily for her rude demeanor and called her a control freak:

#90DayFiance Emily showing characteristics of a manipulative control freak. Wanting to exclude him from everyone just so she can rule him.
Why don't you want Kobe in a community that looks like him, Emily? #90DayFiance
Really????!!! She is gonna flip out because he told his ONLY friend and the ONLY person he has besides her??!!! She is blowin this way outta proportion!!! Calm the hell down chic! #90DayFiance
Yeah Emily, it’s soooo intense for Temperature to say that you should move to a major city with a community where Kobe would have connections and opportunities to help support your growing family instead of languishing here while you have 0 direction 🙄 #90DayFiance
Someone anyone please throat punch Emily!#90DayFiance
Emily: How dare you speak your native tongue and tell people good news about the pregnancy.#90DayFiance
Good for Temperature. Emily is too much. Kobi deserves to have one friend he can talk to seeing as Emily and her ENTIRE family spend all their time talking to and about him. She's a brat. #90DayFiance
Yes, temperature 🌡 put the heat on those people! #90dayfiance

What else happened tonight on 90 Day Fiancé?

Tonight on 90 Day Fiancé, Kara and Guillermo got married. Kara said that she needed a moment to take it all in since the couple had gone through a lot over the past 90 days. She said that while the wedding was not exactly what she had imagined, she was happy that it was finally happening. She drank champagne before the wedding.

A nervous Guillermo got ready alone for his wedding. His family witnessed the ceremony online.

The episode decription reads:

"Kara and Guillermo tie the knot; Thais' uncertainty deepens in snowy Massachusetts; Emily discovers Kobe is looking at the future differently; Shaeeda gets unexpected advice from Bilal's mother; Mohamed makes a big move; Jibri and Miona move out."

Saheeda took relationship advice from Bilal's mother who advised her that there was nothing wrong in having a prenup and pointed out that even in the Quran it is written that one must have a written document for anything big. She said that Bilal was hurt in the past and that he was just protecting himself by giving Shaeeda the prenup.

90 Day Fiancé airs on TLC every Sunday at 8 pm ET. The two-hour-long episode is also made available on TLC Go one day after the television premiere.

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