Fact Check: Does TD Jakes own The Shade Room? Claim debunked amid viral Twitter reactions to Diddy rumor

Viral claim about TD Jakes owning The Shade Room has been debunked. (Image via Instagram/@bishopjakes, Facebook/The Shade Room)
Viral claim about TD Jakes owning The Shade Room has been debunked. (Image via Instagram/@bishopjakes, Facebook/The Shade Room)

After a shocking TikTok video about Diddy and Christian preacher TD Jakes has gone viral, another old claim resurfaced on the internet. It was previously speculated that TD runs The Shade Room, a popular Instagram-based media company posting celebrity news.

The claim first surfaced back in January 2023, when YouTuber @weunbothered.9838 made an analysis video on TD’s church, The Potter's Houses’ association with The Shade Room.

The theory was further cemented in February when the page posted a statement against Doja Cat’s photoshoot in an all-red devil outfit and later deleted it.


However, TD denied the rumors in a March 2023 interview with Star Studio’s Rashad Milligan. TD was invited on a virtual interview for his then-upcoming Lifetime movie Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins, which later premiered on April 8. There, Rashad asked him if he or his church was behind The Shade Room. To which, the then 65-year-old preacher replied:

“No. I do not own it. I do not have stock in it. I do not have shares in it. I didn’t know that even existed until I heard it. Like most rumors, the person that they’re talking about discovers the information when they read it. So I do not own The Shade Room. I am a proud investor in a lot of businesses, a lot of companies and The Shade Room is not one of them. It’s a very profitable business, but I don’t own it."

The Shade Room's real owner and their supposed connection with TD Jakes

As TikTok user MYEi$HiA's video on Diddy and TD Jakes went viral on December 21, an X user @tribblez brought up the claim about TD owning The Shade Room.

The clip posted by MYEi$HiA contained an alleged audio message submitted by Cassie Ventura to the FBI as a piece of evidence against Diddy and his supposed crimes.

The evidence reportedly included several tapes of the record executive's parties where women were allegedly s*xually assaulted by him and other men. MYEi$HiA went on to claim that an email in the evidence also brought further allegations against TD, who is a close friend to Diddy and was also the pastor who officiated Kim Porter's burial.

The TikTok user then played an audio clip of an unknown man alleging TD Jakes used to attend the parties held by Diddy, where he exploited young men by sleeping with them.

As these claims made the rounds on the internet, X user @tribblez wrote it is not surprising that the 66-year-old preacher was at Diddy's parties since he and his family run The Shade Room.

Another X user @TheDgtalEmpress asked if TD's daughter runs the Instagram page. However, The Shade Room was founded by Angelica Nwandu in 2014, who is also the owner of the page.

Although she has no direct connection with TD Jakes, another piece of information came to light from @weunbothered.9838's YouTube video. According to the YouTuber, Angelica runs a Christian podcast The Same Room along with her friend Stephanie Ike, who is a Pastor at Potter's House Church, ONE.

Despite the fact that TD Jakes himself claimed he does not own The Shade Room, many are still not convinced and are firm on their belief the church runs the page.

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