Fact Check: Is Armie Hammer working as a concierge in the Caymans? Viral flyer debunked

Armie Hammer (Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
Armie Hammer (Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, July 6, Desus & Mero producer Muna Mire shared a fake flyer from the Grand Cayman hotel, which showcased actor Armie Hammer as a concierge at the establishment. The flyer also included a fabricated schedule of the actor in the hotel, and it came with complimentary raffle tickets from Hammer's concierge service.

The post was heavily circulated and later deleted once individuals questioned its authenticity as it was debunked online. In the tweet, Muna Mire claimed that her friend's parents, who had visited the Grand Cayman hotel where the Call Me by Your Name star allegedly offered his services, shared the flyer's snap.

Armie Hammer is reportedly working as a concierge in the Cayman Islands after being blacklisted by Hollywood.(via @Muna_Mire)

As per the claims, Hammer was seen working at the Morritt's Resorts of the Grand Cayman Vacation Club as a concierge. He claimed to have worked at the establishment for most of the week except on Fridays and Saturdays. It has now been proven that the information in the flyer was false.

What did the fake flyer, featuring Armie Hammer as a concierge in the Cayman Islands, claim?

The  initial tweet (which has since-been deleted) (Image via Muna_Mire/Twitter)
The initial tweet (which has since-been deleted) (Image via Muna_Mire/Twitter)

In the since-deleted tweet, Muna Mire claimed:

"My friend's parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands, and armie hammer was their concierge i'm still not over it."

The post showcased a snap of the fake flier, which read:

"I am your personal concierge and am here to help you get the very best from your vacation."

The aforementioned fake message insinuated that it came from Armie Hammer. The flier further stated that Hammer, as a concierge, had access to discount vouchers for various events and activities on the island.

It also claimed that the 35-year-old actor would provide a free orientation for his clients on the island. Mire further shared WhatsApp messages which showcased her friend's chat with their mother, who visited the resort on her vacation. The messages from the latter labeled Armie Hammer as the actor from Disney's 2022 crime-thriller Death on the Nile, where he portrayed Simon Doyle. Meanwhile, another message from Mire's friend referred to Hammer's alleged indulgence in cannibalism.

The follow-up tweet (which has since been deleted) (Image via Muna_Mire/Twitter)
The follow-up tweet (which has since been deleted) (Image via Muna_Mire/Twitter)

In a separate tweet, the producer and writer wrote:

"I am not trying to blow up my friend's middle aged parents' spot. If you want to do a journalism [sic] about it(,) use the info on the flyer! (I) will not be giving out contact info."

Why are the claims of the flyer false?

If you genuinely believe the Armie Hammer concierge story without a hint a skepticism then I have a bridge to sell to you.

Contrary to the viral post from Muna Mire, the flyer was reported to be fake and a prank against Hammer. This is likely the reason why Mire has since then deleted the tweet chain. According to reports of multiple publications like Variety, the flyer was reportedly a prank by Hammer's associates who played golf with him at the resort in Cayman Islands.

Numerous reports claimed that the elaborate prank was designed by employees of the establishment who played golf with the actor. They reportedly circulated the fake flyer to a few of the guests, which might have made its way to Muna Mire's friend's parents. Armie Hammer is said to be a frequent guest at the hotel.

Later, Hammer's lawyer Andrew Brettler confirmed to Variety that the flyer was indeed fake. The publication also reportedly received confirmation regarding the same from the hotel staff, who elaborated that it was a prank on the actor.


Armie Hammer has been in the Cayman Islands since last year after he reportedly completed his rehab program in Florida. Several allegations of s*xual assault and abuse emerged against the actor in January 2021. The actor was also accused of cannibalistic tendencies in a series of seemingly-leaked messages. Hammer has denied all such allegations.


Amid such accusations, the actor lost out on the opportunity to star in Paramount's The Godfather spinoff, The Offer. He also reportedly separated from his wife, Elizabeth Chambers. However, it is unclear if Chambers had sought divorce from the actor due to the allegations.

The controversies surrounding Hammer may be the reason why many fell for the prank of Hammer being a concierge in the Cayman Islands.

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