"Facts, mom!!": Seeking Sister Wife fans praise Tosha's mother for calling her polygamous lifestyle a cult

Tosha's mother asks Tosha serious questions about the future of her marriage (Image via toshajone.me/Instagram)
Tosha's mother asks Tosha serious questions about the future of her marriage (Image via toshajone.me/Instagram)

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha's mother Teresa questioned Tosha's lifestyle when she informed her that Sidian was in the Philippines with their potential sister wife, Arielle. Teresa confessed that she had minimal interest in a polygamous relationship and had previously called it a 'cult.'

She told Tosha that they were not adding a sister wife to their marriage but bringing another member to their cult. She felt such relationships were an excuse for one man to 'control another woman and then another woman.'

Tosha's mother and father took months to wrap their heads around the idea of their daughter being in a polygamous relationship. Now, her mother was concerned that Tosha would divorce Sidian legally to let him marry another girl, essentially allowing a stranger to have her life. She was tense about Sidian moving on in life without Tosha and him falling in love with another girl.

She said that just like a cult, the couple was grooming another member to join them. Seeking Sister Wife fans agreed with Tosha's mother and said the entire relationship was bizarre.

Seeking Sister Wife fans react as Tosha's mom asks her questions about the future of her polygamous marriage

Tonight, Tosha's mom Teresa called her polygamous relationship a cult and accused her of grooming young women. Seeking Sister Wife fans agreed with her comments and said she was right to be concerned about her daughter legally divorcing her husband.

They also agreed with her statement that men use these types of relationships to control women.

Other things that happened on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Episode 9

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, Sidian and Arielle went to the beach and enjoyed a campfire. Tosha called Sidian and said that she was feeling lonely at home. He felt guilty about being at a beach while his wife was alone at her house. Tosha asked him if he had been intimate with Arielle, to which he responded yes.

Sidian said that she would always consider her feelings before deciding on the relationship.

The episode description reads,

"Dannielle feels Garrick and Roberta should not try for a baby until she's in Colorado; Sidian courts Arielle as Tosha's mom questions the lifestyle; the Davises get serious about Danielle joining their family; Marcus pursues Janae. "

Nick, Jennifer, and April talked about asking Danielle to move in with them while going on a hike. The throuple shared that they had tried to include many others in their relationship, but the plans would often fall because their new partner was not honest with their relationship, but Danielle was different.

Marcus spoke to India and Taryn about his lousy date with Janae and told them he would try to win her again. Taryn said that she always knew Marcus would one day tell her about his desire to have a polygamous relationship, even when India was not in their lives, unlike Janae, who was shocked by the statement.

Danielle asked Garrick not to try to have babies with Roberta immediately as it was a strong possibility that she might not come to the US, and it would be tough for him to parent kids. However, he did not listen to her suggestion.

Seeking Sister Wife features couples in a polygamous relationship or looking forward to being in one. The show focuses on their daily lives and journey to convince another sister-wife to join their bond.

The show airs on TLC every Monday at 10 pm ET.

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