"Nick is dangerous": Seeking Sister Wife fans advice Danielle not to enter in a polygamous relationship with Nick

Danielle thinks of joining Nick's polygamous relationship (Images via TLC and the.davis.family_official.page/Instagram)
Danielle thinks of joining Nick's polygamous relationship (Images via TLC and the.davis.family_official.page/Instagram)

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, the Davises ended their weekend vacation, and Danielle said that she felt comfortable in the situation. On the last night of the tour, Nick shared a bed with Danielle but revealed that he got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and subsequently got intimate with April.

He said that seeing all three of his wives together was a dream come true. After dropping Danielle at her apartment, the trio discussed her joining their bond and how it would be difficult for her to accept them and bring another girl into the relationship whom she could marry.

Seeking Sister Wife fans felt Nick just wanted a s*xual relationship with all the ladies. Fans also advised Danielle, just 22, to run away from this polygamous relationship. They felt that Danielle looked terrified of the whole ordeal.

Seeking Sister Wife fans do not like Nick and want Danielle to leave his polygamous relationship

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, fans felt Nick was acting very creepy by sleeping with April while Danielle was asleep. Fans advised Danielle to leave their relationship.

What happened on Seeking Sister Wife tonight?

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, Brenda and Steve left Texas after visiting Steve's kids. The two shared that they had spent a restless night after Steve's daughter slammed their polygamous relationship. Steve said that he would let his daughter progress through the change and that his door would always be open for Jayden if she wanted to talk to him.

To sort things out between them, Brenda met April, who had been dating Steve for the past three months. The two had previously argued at dinner when Brenda said she did not feel needed in their relationship. April agreed she needed more time with Brenda to solve their communication problems.

The episode description reads,

"Brenda meets with April to help improve their communication; the Davises end their staycation with some worries; Dannielle's family share their concerns about Roberta coming to the U.S.; Marcus Epps prepares for a date with a potential sister wife."

Danielle and Garrick video called Roberta, asking her to pick up the documents soon from the office. The three faced language barriers and had a conversation through mobile translators. Following this, they had lunch with Danielle's brother Sam and his wife, Samantha. Sam was worried that Roberta would use the Seeking Sister Wife couple for a green card and that Garrick would stop paying attention to Danielle if he had kids with Roberta.

Marcus went on a date with Janae, who had no idea he was in a polygamous relationship. Janae met Marcus 6 years ago but lost contact with him. At the time, he and Taryn had broken up for some time.

He arrived late and dropped the bombshell before the two could enjoy dinner. Janae was very confused by the announcement and said that she would not have visited him if he had told the same thing to her on the phone. Marcus tried to explain the benefits of being in a polygamous relationship, but Janae silently ate her food.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on TLC every Monday at 10 pm ET.

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