Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Episode 7: Fans don't think India Epps is made for the polygamous lifestyle

Seeking Sister Wife fans call out India for being jealous (Images via sisme_andhe /Instagram)
Seeking Sister Wife fans call out India for being jealous (Images via sisme_andhe /Instagram)

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, Marcus told his wives that he was going on a date with Janae, a girl he met when he was separated from Taryn. He said that she did not know about their polygamous dynamic or the fact that he was married. India was concerned about him dating another girl that he was connected to, who was "the one that got away."

India's concern grew when she learned that Marcus had booked an Airbnb for Janae and was planning to decorate the bed with roses. She supported Taryn, who was asking him to come home before 3 am.

India also told Marcus that she would not like an unknown woman living under the same roof as her and Taryn since it would be awkward initially. Saying that there would be too much estrogen, she said that she would move down the street if such a situation ever came up.

India further claimed that two was the perfect number for co-existing and felt a third woman could change the dynamic.

Seeking Sister Wife fans thought that India was being jealous and insecure about the possibility of another woman joining their relationship and claimed that she did not understand that the essence of being in a polygamous relationship was letting other people join the romantic bond.

"India is hilarious": Seeking Sister Wife fans claim India is acting out of jealousy

After India's behavior tonight, Seeking Sister Wife viewers felt that India was not up for being in a polygamous relationship and was being jealous because she was feeling insecure about not being the 'new wife' anymore.

Some fans, however, felt that India deserved better than Marcus and that she had a right to question Marcus about who he was dating.

What else happened on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Episode 7?

Tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, the Merrifields went to their new home to check on the progress of the construction. They revealed that the house had been custom built on 4000 square feet of land and had seven bedrooms to accommodate a plural family. Danielle said that her parents are also going to live with them in the house.

She also hoped that Roberta would get pregnant immediately after she came to the USA so that she would not miss her family. A few days later, the couple moved into the house. When they tried to video call Roberta, however, she did not pick up the phone.

Meanwhile, Sidian revealed that he had been with Arielle the previous night. Both of them felt that their bond was very natural.

Nick suggested to Danielle that she should bring someone else into the relationship dynamic with whom she could get married, just like Jennifer and April. The four of them later spent time in the hot tub, where the women praised him for giving attention to all of them.

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday on TLC at 10 pm ET.

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