Hell's Kitchen season 21 episode 13 release date, air time and plot

Michael Cimarusti makes a special appearance on Hell
Michael Cimarusti makes a special appearance on Hell's Kitchen season 21 (Image via Instagram/@cimarustila)

Hell's Kitchen returns for another episode this week. With the introduction of the black jackets, there are no more teams in this season. The upcoming season will feature a special guest and two challenges.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"The Black Jacket final five are challenged to cook dishes with ingredients from different cities. James Beard Award winning Chef Michael Cimarusti joins Gordon to judge the chefs dishes."

Hell's Kitchen season 21 episode 13 will air on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Fox.

What to expect from the upcoming episode of Hell's Kitchen season 21?

Hell's Kitchen season 21's upcoming episode titled, The Fab Fives Take Flight, will showcase the top 5 chefs as they continue to cook to secure their place in the competition. The upcoming episode will include the first non-team task of the season, which will have participants preparing meals with ingredients from different cities.

Up until this point in the competition, the winning team would get a reward while the losing team had to do extra chores ahead of the service task, but since there are no more teams, not much can be said about the reward system that was in place.

In the upcoming episode of Hell’s Kitchen, chef Gordon Ramsey will be joined by Chef Michael Cimarusti to judge the contestants’ dishes. This will be followed by a dinner service where everyone will be cooking in the same kitchen as opposed to one kitchen per team. At this point, it is safe to assume that everyone might be at risk of going home as they can no longer rely on each other as a team for their dishes to stand out. It’s every chef for themselves.

Meet chef Michael Cimarusti

The co-owner and chef of Providence will be making a special appearance in the upcoming episode of Hell's Kitchen season 21. Chef Cimarusti is the recipient of the 2019 James Bread’s Best Chef: West award. He combines his knowledge of seafood with an “advocacy for sustainable” fishing practices in every dish.

The chef has been inspired by seafood in a very personal way from the beginning. He grew up fishing with his grandfather and learning about his heritage from his grandmother's and great-grandmother’s cooking. His website states:

"Seafood has inspired me in a personal way from the very start. It is my duty to staunchly support its conservation and best practices, and it’s my privilege to have the opportunity to showcase it on a nightly basis."

Cimarusti was born in New Jersey and made his way to Los Angeles to work as a chef de cuisine at the original Spago. He went on to work in New York’s Osteria del Circo, Aprege, and Le Cirque where he worked with Paul Bocuse, Roger Verge, and Gerard Boyer.

Previously on Hell's Kitchen

At the beginning of the previous episode of Hell's Kitchen season 21, the chefs had to prepare a stunning dish inspired by or honoring a mentor or a loved one in 45 minutes. Sommer's dish was inspired by her mother, Alex's dish was inspired by his wife, and Cheyenne's fettuccine was inspired by her father.

Alejandro’s dish was for his wife. Tara’s dish was tasty but needed a sauce. Meanwhile, Dafne’s stuffed chicken was “beautiful.” Sakari dedicated his lobster dish to his mother. Sommer was the first chef to get a jacket, followed by Dafne.

The other chefs had 45 minutes to put their own touch on one of Gordon's dishes. Alejandro and Alex were next to get two black jackets. It came down to the final jacket, and the remaining three contenders were tasked with creating a pork chop. When they finished, they were led to the chief chef's kitchen. The four safe chefs were then asked to choose one dish each, with Cheyenne receiving the last black jacket.

Tune in on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET to see what happens next on Hell's Kitchen on Fox.

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