How did the Celebrity IOU duo Jonathan and Drew Scott transform an old 1920s cabin into a multi-use stay area?

Jonathan and Drew Scott (Image via propertybrothers/Instagram)
Jonathan and Drew Scott (Image via propertybrothers/Instagram)

Tonight on Celebrity IOU, John C. Reilly surprised his best friend and driver of 20 years, Johnny, with the help of Property Brothers. The property brothers renovated Johnny's 1920 log cabin without losing the rustic tone of the cabin.

The Celebrity IOU duo decided to replace only the rotting timber wood on the exterior and painted it over to give it a new look. They also added a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lounge room to the cabin.

Celebrity IOU features property brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help A-List celebrities surprise their friends and mentors by renovating their homes. Some of the most famous names that have appeared on the show this season are Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, Lisa Kudrow, Snoop Dogg, and Howie Mandel.

How did the Celebrity IOU duo reconstruct a 1920s login in 4 weeks?

John C. Reilly met his friend Johnny 20 years ago and connected through their shared love of vintage trailers. John even revealed that they spend so much time together that they depend on each other now.

Celebrity IOU team Jonathan and Drew Scott revealed that they were fans of John and said,

"Their is so much talent in him."

Johnny owns a giant athletic junkyard called Funky Junk Farms, a neighborhood attraction. John, along with the property brothers, renovated the log cabin. there was a personalized bust for him

Speaking about his friend Johnny, John C. told viewers that he has always been there for him and said,

"He works so hard."

He also revealed to the Celebrity IOU duo that he helped a kid by giving him a place to live and changing his life. That child recently graduated from Stanford Law School.

Johnny mentions that his friend is "like brothers from another Mother" when talking about John. The cabin is a vintage relic property and was made in the 1920s. John asked the property brothers to embrace the funkiness of the cabin and change only a little bit of the area with renovation. They had four weeks to complete the project.

John revealed that he had previously built bunk beds and did construction work in college. While the cabin was just being used for storage, it was also a spot for parties in the community. Jonathan and Drew decided to renovate the cabin into a multi-use stay area with a beefed-up roof, a kitchen, and a bathroom. They removed some old roof joists present in the cabin.

They felt the place was rickety, so they restructured the old cabin with a new roof, painted the exterior, and added a new logo to the property. They added new wood walls and built a new kitchen in the cabin, with a bright kitchen peninsula and handcrafted tiles.

The property brothers decided to replace the rotting wood frames on the exterior without removing the original 1920s ones that were in good shape. They also decided to add a new lounge area in the cabin. They chose to give the home a pleasant and industrial look with dark tiles. They used a log veneer on the outside and inside of the cabin.

John also joked around with Drew and Scott and got confused about who Drew and Jonathan were.

The synopsis of the episode reads,

"John C. Reilly's longtime friend owns an eclectic junkyard that's a neighbourhood hangout, but the property's century-old cabin is in need of help; Jonathan and Drew give the house the modern upgrade it deserves without losing its funky flair."

The Celebrity IOU team decided to use the barstools they found in the backyard. John helped in the process by helping fasten the demolition and removal process. He also assisted in removing the old pillar with a saw. He contacted the person who painted the old logo on the cabin, asking him to paint another one for the cabin.

Together, the trio gave the 100-year-old cabin a modern look without losing its essence.

Celebrity IOU airs new episodes every Monday on HGTV at 9.00 pm ET.

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