What is Performance Fabric? Celebrity IOU’s Drew and Jonathan Scott help Lisa Kudrow transform condo into pet-friendly home

Lisa Kudrow and the Property Brothers (Image via propertybrothers/Instagram)
Lisa Kudrow and the Property Brothers (Image via propertybrothers/Instagram)

Tonight on Celebrity IOU, Lisa Kudrow surprised her cousin and best friend Thea Mann by renovating her house with the help of the Property Brothers. Thea is an animal rescuer who fosters abused pets and has multiple dogs and cats.

Performance Fabric, used in tonight's episode of Celebrity IOU, is an easy-to-clean fabric that can withstand wear and tear. These fabrics are predominantly used in homes with pets and kids, making them resistant to the times when one spills things on tables and chairs.

With the help of Lisa Kudrow, The Property Brothers decided to use high-end Performance Fabric to build chairs and decorate other open areas of the house so that Thea could easily clean up any mess made by her pets, easing up her life.

Celebrity IOU features twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, famously known as Property Brothers, helping celebrities surprise their friends and mentors by renovating their homes.

What happened on Celebrity IOU tonight?

Tonight on Celebrity IOU, the Property Brothers helped Lisa Kudrow surprise her cousin Thea Mann by renovating her home and styling it as a pet-friendly house. Thea has been through some hard times over the past couple of years since she lost her father in 2018 and mother last August.

Both love music, and Lisa wanted some part of it to be reflected in Thea's home. Thea was traveling to New York for work, and Lisa wanted to surprise her by transforming her condo into a stylish home.

Lisa told the Property Brothers that Thea, who has lived in that condo for nearly 10 years, saves abused animals and often fosters them. She has many rescue pets who fear going out and prefer staying in the condo most of the time.

Lisa praised Thea for her work with animals and also said,

"She feels like a soul sister to me."

Lisa mentioned how she met her when she was 12, and the two were very similar.

Thea also praised Lisa and said,

"This person is caring. It is such a blessing"

The Property Brothers realized that they had to change the flooring to make it more pet-friendly in the spacious house. Thea also needed another door for the patio. The Property Brothers decided to increase some hanging storage space because Thea liked collecting vintage clothing.

Lisa also made a confession when Drew played Smelly Cat on guitar that she loves Friends but also said,

"I don't remember most of it"

She, too, played Smelly Cat on the guitar with Drew Scott.

The Property Brothers built a dog run on the patio and a sitting area. They also installed new pee pads for Thea's 6 pets on the patio to ease their lives. They also installed new luxury vinyl tiles with Lisa's help. They also added a pantry in the house.

A dining table was added to the kitchen. The living room was also updated by adding a new fireplace. Lisa helped the Property Brothers build and place the floating shelves, which can be used by the cats to play or to store stuff.

Lisa and the Property Brothers decided to use performance fabric on the terrace and in other open areas of the home so that Thea doesn't have to worry about dog stains. To decorate the house, the Property Brothers chose light colors.

The house gave a modern yet earthy vibe.

New episodes of Celebrity IOU air every Monday on HGTV at 09:00 PM ET.

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