How is Kai related to comedian Tiffany Haddish? Identity explored as Kai gets eliminated on Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame contestant Kai's identity revealed to be Tiffany Haddish's sister (Image via John Fleenor/ABC,tiffanyhaddish/Instagram)
Claim to Fame contestant Kai's identity revealed to be Tiffany Haddish's sister (Image via John Fleenor/ABC,tiffanyhaddish/Instagram)

Claim to Fame aired a brand new episode on Monday, August 15, 2022, at 10.00 pm ET on ABC. The remaining contestants put their best foot forward to keep themselves safe in the competition. While some formed strategies, others relied on their strong alliances to secure their place in the game for another week.

Kai was targeted on this week's episode of Claim to Fame after she basically handed over the immunity to Louise. Although alliances dwindled a bit throughout the episode, Amara was chosen to be the guesser, and she revealed Kai's identity as the celebrity relative of American comedian Tiffany Haddish.

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Fans react to Claim to Fame contestant Kai's identity

That didn’t go as planned 😅😭 #ClaimtoFame

Kai's identity was revealed in tonight's episode of Claim to Fame. Her real name is Jasmine English, and the contestant is comedian Tiffany Haddish's sister. After her reveal, she opened up about herself. Jasmine is an ABA therapist and game designer. As per her LinkedIn profile, she currently works at Blue Maiden Games in Los Angeles.

Jasmine also shared more about her bond with her sister and said:

“I am super duper proud of my sister. Our life was not easy and to see her success and her shine and how she is so graceful and always an inspiration to me."

Fans were surprised to find out Jasmine's (Kai's) identity on the show and took to Twitter to express their feelings.

I didn’t know Tiffany Haddish has a sister #ClaimToFame
I did not think it would actually be Tiffany Haddish #ClaimToFame
@kevinjonas Wow my kind was blown I didn’t see this coming !!!! #ClaimToFame KAI WAS TIFFANY HADDISH’S SISTER!!!!
I didn’t know Kai/Jasmine was Tiffany Haddish sister #ClaimToFame
My jaw dropped. I never knew Tiffany Haddish had a SISTER! 😱 #ClaimToFame
kai is tiffany haddish’s sister 🤯😭 sucks she’s going home #ClaimToFame

What transpired on Claim to Fame Season 1 Episode 6?

Claim to Fame Episode 6 began with seven contestants: Louise, Logan, Pepper, Amara, Kai, L.C., and Lark. In this week's episode, the contestants took part in the most crucial challenge of the season.

The official synopsis of the episode titled Poker Face reads:

"The remaining seven contestants grow closer but keep their eyes on the prize as this week’s challenge is the most revealing yet. Attached to a lie detector test, contestants take turns sitting in the hot seat answering yes or no questions about their relatives."

The synopsis further reads:

"They must decide whether to tell the truth or lie, and while all attempt to give their best poker face, only one contestant wins immunity from the Guess Off. Back at the house, an alliance influences which clue is drawn and those facing elimination make their case to be The Guesser."

To complete the challenge, the Claim to Fame contestant had to sit with a polygraph machine to answer their questions truthfully while another player asked the required questions with the help of fellow cast members. Each player got 5 minutes to answer their questions, and the one with the most accurate answers got immunity from this week.

While the contestants were somewhat sure of some celebrity relative identities based on players' answers to questions, they failed to find more clues regarding Pepper and Logan. While they all knew Louise's identity, Kai took the opportunity to ask her frivolous questions, which included hinting at a possible fling with Logan.

Kai handed over the immunity to Louise by asking her the wrong questions. However, the former found herself at the bottom with Amara. While Kai colluded with LC and Amara to reveal Pepper's clue that Brittany had given to Kai before leaving, Logan and Louise decided to find out who Amara was.

Amara became an easy target to identify ahead of the final guess-off round. While Kai and Amara were on board with the big reveal, Logan wasn't too set on the same. Meanwhile, Louise confronted Logan for wanting to get her clue. The latter saved himself by telling her that it was better for Louise to find her clue than anyone else.

The twists and turns keep on coming 😱 Thank you for watching #ClaimtoFame! 👋

In the final round of Claim to Fame, Amara was chosen to be the guesser, and she decided Kai's identity be revealed. The former guessed Kai was related to American comedian Tiffany Haddish and it was indeed correct. Kai was the next contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

Claim to Fame is getting interesting with each passing episode. With Kai's elimination, only six contestants are left to fight in the competition. The upcoming episode will have the players form stronger strategies and play smartly to keep themselves safe and move forward to win the competition.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Claim to Fame next week on Monday, August 22, 2022, at 10.00 pm ET on ABC.

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