How to make baked oatmeal? TikTok is obsessed with the easy and sweet breakfast dish 

Different variations of baked oats go viral on TikTok (Images via Rosalynn Daniels and stonershelb/Twitter)
Different variations of baked oats go viral on TikTok (Images via Rosalynn Daniels and stonershelb/Twitter)

If breakfast isn't your favorite meal of the day, TikTok's viral baked oatmeal is here to change that. It's perfect for when you need something quick and easy-breezy in the morning.

The hassle-free oats variant started going viral on TikTok back in 2020 but the trend has continued to sustain even two years later, with nothing but rave reviews pouring in still.

One-pan baked oatmeal and its variants

Food TikToker Jazmine Tyler gave the viral recipe a go in the summer of 2020, saying,

"If you haven't made baked oatmeal yet, you're missing out. This baked oatmeal has the best moist texture and it's super-healthy."

The vlogger also told Yahoo Life,

"The recipe was so much more fluffy than regular stove-top oatmeal and it makes it feel like you're eating a cake for breakfast, which is definitely a great way to make daily meals more enjoyable."

Cake for breakfast certainly sounds like a dream. This one-pan wonder's versatility lends itself to a plethora of variations in the recipe according to one's own personal taste. Tyler herself made a blueberry muffin baked oats variant, among several others.

However, the recipe that's currently gaining the most traction on OatmealTok is baked berry oats, vetted by creators including Rosalynn Daniels and Nikki DeLuca, as well as Tyler.

The recipe for the dish calls for rolled oats, ripe bananas, almond milk or your milk of choice, and the star of the show — berries, fresh or frozen. In a baking pan, mash your ripe bananas and add your oats and milk. After mixing all the ingredients together, top it off with your choice of berries.

Once you've achieved this base, you can add any additional toppings to customize to your liking. A few popular options include chia seeds, hemp seeds, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, caramel, and more. You can even switch out the berries for other fruits like apples, pears, and the like.

The prep time for baked berry oats is a paltry two minutes, after which you can simply pop it in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Some top off their finished products with cinnamon powder, a drizzle of honey, or other sweeteners.

Daniels' used chia seeds in her recipe to make it more filling, saying,

"It tastes like firm oatmeal because of the chia seed. Because of [its] firmness and the fact that it was extremely easy to make, I think the dish would serve well for a weekly breakfast meal prep."

Oats have always been heralded as a staple in healthy breakfast options, but this baked variation elevates it without losing any of its nutritional benefits.

Johane Filemon, a nutritionist and registered dietician, explains why this one-pan meal is beneficial. She says,

"This baked oatmeal recipe is very colorful and is full of nutrients such as soluble fiber and vitamin C, which are going to promote good gut health. It's also great for those who are looking to get a healthy start to their day and don't have a lot of time: It allows you to bake it and walk away to get yourself ready for the day and once you are done, your breakfast is ready for you."

The recipe's simplicity is a true respite in people's hectic everyday lives, allowing them the peace of mind to consciously eat healthier without the added stress and commitment.

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