How old is Finn in Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake?

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake show an adult Finn (Image via Max)
Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake show an adult Finn (Image via Max)

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is ready with its fifth episode, scheduled to be released on September 14, 2023. This series is the third season of the Adventure Time franchise and has a gender-swapped alternate version of the original characters of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog.

While Fionna is an alternate version of Finn and lives in a different world, in a recent episode, Finn makes a brief appearance in the spinoff series when their worlds get connected through a portal.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is a spinoff based on an episode of Adventure Time, which was released more than 12 years ago. When the original show concluded, Finn the Human was a teenager. 12 years later, when his world collides with Fionna’s, viewers see that Finn has now turned into an adult.

The spinoff also suggests that the lovable character of Jake the Dog may not be alive given that 12 years have passed, and dogs have a shorter life. Finn’s character, meanwhile, has evolved and become more mature. Whether the show will explain how Jake died and cover more information on Finn remains unclear as of now.

Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers for the show.

Finn in Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is almost 30 years old

Streaming on HBO Max, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake deals with multiverse-hopping adventures of the gender-swapped leads. When Finn the Human makes an appearance in a recent episode of the series, fans see that the beloved original lead character has grown considerably in the 12 years since he was last seen. He makes a short appearance in the ongoing show when the portal between the alternate worlds opens up.

New stills from the show reveal a Finn with a longer beard, although his iconic blue shirt and white hat have remained the same. The shorts, however, have changed to trousers.

When the original series of Adventure Time ended, Finn was 17 years old. Since the Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake series unfolds 12 years later, the age of Finn the Human would be about 29 years in the current timeline.

The creator of the character, Pendelton Ward, has handled the coming-of-age and growing old of Finn in a very relatable way. As Finn’s journey through time unfolds in various spinoffs and episodes, the passage of time and his aging is depicted in his appearance as well as factors presented around him.

In the episode Together Again, Finn is shown an elderly man with a long white beard. This depicted the passage of decades and the lead character’s trials during his adventures. In another episode, he was shown to have died and passed on to the 37th Dead World, giving the idea of the complete timeline in Adventure Time.

What is Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake all about?

Slated as a spinoff of the original Adventure Time franchise and released on August 31, 2023, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is a gender-swapped, alternate version of the original characters of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in Adventure Time.

Aimed at young adults, the show has ten episodes, each about a half-hour, with two releases every week. The show is looking to wrap up this season by September 28. Adam Muto is the executive producer for the show alongside Sam Register and Fred Seibert, while the characters are designed by Natasha Allegri.

The story till now has showcased Fionna Campbell living with her pet, Cake the Cat. When Cake behaves weirdly, Fionna takes her to the vet but ends up getting fired from her job. Meanwhile, Cake seems to chase a blue light to an ice cream vendor’s stand and disappears.

It is then revealed that Simon Petrikov of the land of Ooo, who was originally the Ice King, opens a portal to get his fiancée, Betty, back but gets Cake the Cat through the portal instead. Fionna follows through another portal created by Simon. While Fionna and Cake reunite, they, along with Simon, get teleported to Prismo’s Time Room.

Prismo reveals that after creating Fionna’s world, he hid it inside Ice King’s mind. When Ice King changed to Simon, the universe lost its magical qualities. As Prismo helps the trio escape using a remote, Simon suggests to Fionna that he change back into Ice King again to solve all her problems.

Episode 4 of the series, titled Prismo the Wishmaster, was released on September 7. The next episode, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake episode 5 is titled Destiny and will take the story forward from where episode 4 left off. It will be followed by episode 6, titled The Winter King.

Watch out for Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake episodes 5 and 6, to be released on September 14, 2023, on Max.

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